ODSP Payment Dates 2024: Benefits, Increase & More

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This is a long post that covers everything you need to know about the Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP).

ODSP is an Ontario government funded welfare program for Ontario residents with medical conditions or disability that limits their ability to work and earn.

It provides financial support to cover basic needs like housing, feeding and clothing, as well as health benefits.

We’ll start with the ODSP Payment dates for 2024. Then go into details about what the program covers, its eligibility, the available ODSP benefits, how to apply for it and how it differs from Ontario Works.

If you’re ready, let’s start:

ODSP Payment Dates 2024

Usually, ODSP payments are paid on the last business date for each month except for December when the benefits are paid a few days earlier.

The 2024 ODSP payment dates are shown below:

Benefit MonthPayment Date
January 2024January 31, 2024
February 2024February 29, 2024
March 2024March 28, 2024
April 2024April 30, 2024
May 2024May 31, 2024
June 2024June 28, 2024
July 2024July 31, 2024
August 2024August 30, 2024
September 2024September 27, 2024
October 2024October 31, 2024
November 2024November 29, 2024
December 2024To be determined

ODSP payments can be received using any of these 3 options:

  • Direct Bank Deposit
  • Reloadable Payment Card; or
  • Bank Cheque

Direct bank deposit is the preferred option. It is the quickest and easiest of the 3 options that guarantees that you’ll have access to the funds on the ODSP payment dates.

Reloadable payment card is like a regular debit card.  Each month’s support payment will be loaded to the card and it can be used at any ATM, POS or for online transactions.

Cheques are discouraged and can only be used in exceptional circumstances. For example, you live too far from a bank or ATM, have a condition that limits your ability to use a debit card and so on.

ODSP Cheque Dates

If you’ll be receiving the support payments by cheque, then the ODSP cheque dates or the day you receive your cheque in the mail will likely be different from the ones above depending on Canada Post mail service in your area.

But the cheques are mailed out a few days earlier so you may actually get them by the payment dates.

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What Is ODSP?

Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP) is a social assistance program that provides income and employment supports for Ontario residents living with a disability.

The program has been helping recipients since 1997 when the ODSP Act was passed by the Government of Ontario.

As at October 2020, there were over 520,000 ODSP beneficiaries.

It is Ontario’s equivalent of the AISH program from the Alberta Government or SAID from Saskatchewan.

Keep reading to learn how much money you can make on ODSP.

New CCB and GST/HST Credit payment periods start by July 2023. 

Your payments will be reassessed using your 2022 income. Find out how much you can receive as Canada Child Benefit and GST Credit.

ODSP Benefits

ODSP has several benefits that can be categorized into 2: Income Support and Employment Support.

Income Support

Beneficiaries of ODSP income support receive a monthly payment that covers their basic needs and shelter.

ODSP Basic Needs Allowance

The ODSP basic needs support covers the cost of food, clothing, and other necessary personal items. The amount you’ll be paid depends on the number of people in your family, their age and whether your spouse or partner also has a disability.

For the 2024 payment period, you could receive up to $1,739 per month depending on your situation.

ODSP Shelter Allowance

The ODSP shelter allowance covers the cost of a primary residence such as rent, mortgage payments and other occupancy costs (home insurance, property taxes, utilities and so on).

Monthly shelter allowance is calculated based on the actual shelter costs up to a maximum amount that varies depending on the number of people in the family.

Benefit Unit SizeMaximum Monthly Shelter Allowance
6 or more$1,026

In some cases where the recipient meets specific disability criteria, the shelter costs of a second residence may be covered temporarily.

Board and Lodging Allowance

Where the ODSP recipients receives board and lodging from the same source, the amount of income support is calculated differently.

That is, the beneficiary will get a single payment and not the ODSP basic needs and shelter allowances.

Family size, age of dependents, location and individual circumstances all affect the ODSP rate for this allowance.

The ODSP payment amount that can be received for board and lodging starts at $825 for a single person and increases for each additional member of the family.

You can find more details here on ODSP website.

Health Benefits

ODSP provides health benefits including prescription drugs, dental coverage, vision care and many more.

ODSP beneficiaries and their family may qualify for some of the health benefits below:

  • Prescription drug coverage: For drugs listed in the Ontario Drug Formulary or prescribed by an approved health care professional
  • Dental Coverage: Children under 18 will be enrolled in Healthy Smiles Ontario for free dental care, while adults gets basic dental services and additional care if the disability or prescribed treatments/medication affects their oral health.
  • Medical Supplies Coverage: covers the cost of diabetic supplies (syringes, blood glucose monitors etc.) and surgical supplies.
  • Vision Care: Annual basic eye examinations and major eye examinations if the medical condition affects the eye.
  • Medical Transportation Coverage: covers the cost of travelling to and from a medical appointment, if it exceeds $15 per month.
  • Nutritional Allowance: Up to $50 per month for pregnant or breastfeeding Income support recipients or their family.
  • Extended Health Benefit: For those that are ineligible for income support but have high health costs
  • Transitional Health Benefit: covers prescription drugs, dental care and vision care for those leaving ODSP for paid employment.

You may also qualify for additional ODSP disability-related benefits such as the cost of assistive devices, hearing aids and mobility devices, and guide dog benefits.

Employment Support

ODSP employment support helps you find and keep a job, advance your career and start a business

ODSP has partnered with about 150 community-based service providers across Ontario to help beneficiaries prepare for work, find work, advance their career, and even start a business.

These are some of the supports you can get from the service providers:

  • Job coaching
  • Specialized computer training
  • Create a business plan
  • Learn money management, budgeting and marketing
  • Apply for licenses and certifications
  • On-the-job-training
  • Tools and equipments; and many more

Employment Supports do not cover other benefits that are available from other organizations or programs. You can find a list of all the supports available here.

You don’t have to be on income support to be eligible for employment support. The 2 supports are fairly independent.

And if you’re on income support but decide you want to work; the support payments will not necessarily stop.

The first $200 you earn each month will not affect your income support. After this, the support payment is only reduced by 50% for each additional dollar.

Plus you get a $100 work-related benefit for every month you work or your business makes a profit. That means, ODSP applicants that work will always be better off than the ones that don’t.

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ODSP Emergency Benefit

Ontario residents that are in an emergency or crisis situation can apply for emergency benefits to pay for things like food and housing.

The amount you can get varies depending on your specific circumstances but it will not exceed the financial assistance you can get with Ontario Works. A single can get up to $733 per month and more if they have children.

However, existing Ontario works and ODSP clients do not qualify for this assistance.

You can learn more about the program here.

ODSP Rates: how much money can you make on ODSP?

ODSP payment amounts or the rates depends on several factors such as:

  • Family size or the number of people in the family
  • Age of the dependents
  • Whether the spouse also has a disability or not
  • Living condition: renting/owning your home vs board and lodging arrangement
  • Your geographic location: people living in remote communities get an extra allowance

For example, here’s a basic needs table showing how much ODSP payments you can expect to get based on your family size:

ODSP rates

whether you have a spouse or not, you will also get additional benefit for each dependant depending on their age

Eligibility For ODSP

The eligibility requirements for ODSP benefit is accessed under the following criteria


For income support, applicants must be at least 18 years old to qualify. The application can be started up to 6 months before the 18th birthday.

The age requirement for Employment Support is lower at just 16 years.


You must be a resident of Ontario to be eligible for both Income and Employment support. In addition, you have to be legally allowed to work in Canada for employment support.


This is an obvious one. ODSP applicants must have a disability or medical condition that limits their ability to earn a living and care for themselves.

The definition of disability is provided in the ODSP Act and can be summarized as:

  • The applicant has a mental or physical condition that is expected to last for more than one year
  • This disability directly explains why the applicant’s ability to work, care for themselves or be a member of the community is limited.
  • The impairment, along with the duration and restrictions, have been verified by an approved health care professional.

Members of a prescribed class don’t need to meet this requirement.

The disability eligibility is accessed through the Disability Determination Package.


The ODSP financial requirement is only relevant for income support applicants.

To qualify for ODSP payments, an applicant must have a financial need and provide documents to prove it along with a signed consent for the information to be verified.

There is a financial need if the household’s income and assets is lower than the household’s basic living expenses.

You’ll need to provide information about all your household income and assets.

Some income such as Canada Child Tax Benefit, Ontario Child Benefit , child support and payments from a Registered Disability Savings Plan (RDSP) are exempt income and will not impact how mush ODSP payments you will receive.

Other income like earnings from a job or self-employment income may impact the ODSP income support amounts.

Similarly, some assets are exempt while others may reduce how much you receive.

Exempt assets include your primary residence and vehicle, balances in Registered Educational Savings Plans (RESP) or Registered Disability Savings Plans (RDSP) and so on.

Non-exempt assets may affect your ODSP benefits once the value exceeds $40,000 for a single person or $50,000 for couples. They include money in the bank, investments in RRSP, TFSA and so on.

An ODSP caseworker will review your documents, income and assets and verify them to determine financial eligibility.

Existing Ontario Works clients that wish to apply for ODSP won’t have to be reassessed since their financial need has been established already.

Applying For ODSP

The application process and the forms to complete varies depending on the type of support you’re applying for: Income or employment

We’ll cover the 2 separately below:

How to apply for Income Support

You can start the application process online, over the phone or at one of ODSP offices across Ontario. But note that even when you start online, you will still have to visit a local ODSP office to meet with a caseworker.

There are 2 steps to applying for ODSP income support:

  • Part 1: Financial Eligibility
  • Part 2: Disability Determination

The first part is to determine if you qualify financially for ODSP before the disability eligibility will be assessed. That is, the first set of online form or visit to a local office is meant to assess your financial eligibility.

You will get a decision notice within 15 business days of the meeting with your caseworker.

If you are financially eligible for income support, you will get a Disability Determination Package (DDP) to start Part 2 of the application process.

But if you’re considered to be ineligible financially, you can submit a request for an internal review. The decision notice will contain information on how to go about this.

Part 2 of the application will determine if you meet the disability requirements. DDP has 2 main parts that must be completed by approved health professionals.

  1. Health Status Report: provides details of the medical condition, treatments, expected duration and so on
  2. Activities of Daily Living Index: collects information about how the condition affects an applicant’s ability to work, take care of themselves and participate in the community.

Registered nurses, ophthalmologists, optometrists, physicians, psychological associates, psychologists, and registered nurses in the extended class can complete both parts of the Disability Determination Package (DDP).

However, audiologists, chiropractors, occupational therapists, physiotherapists, social workers, and speech-language pathologists can only complete the Activities of Daily Living Index.

Applications may be reviewed as earlier as 10 business days but can also take longer depending on its complexity and if some information are missing.

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How to apply for Employment Support

Applicants for employment support don’t need to complete or meet the financial eligibility conditions. This is only required for income support.

But they must complete the “Application for Employment Supports”. You can either download the form from ODSP’s website or request for a package to be sent to you by calling or visiting an ODSP office.

Unlike the financial eligibility form for Income Support, this form can not be completed online.

The second part of the application package is a Verification of Disability/Impairment that must be completed by one of the approved health care professionals. This isn’t required if you’re already receiving Income support since the disability would have been assessed.

For both income and employment support, applicants must sign a “consent to release medical information.” Income support applicants will also need to sign a consent to disclose and verify information from the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA).

You can check these links for a list of local ODSP offices by region or search using your address.

ODSP Vs Ontario Works

Ontario Works is another social assistance program from the provincial government of Ontario. Both programs are administered by the Ministry of Children, Community and Social Services.

While ODSP caters for people living with disabilities, Ontario Works has a wider focus. It is for people that need help with their living expenses.

Ontario Works assistance covers the essential costs of living, health benefits and helps beneficiaries find and keep jobs.

Eligible applicants can receive up to $733 per month for basic needs and shelter, and extra amounts for family members.

ODSP Annual Increase 2024

The last major change to ODSP rates was back in 2018 when the government implemented a 1.5% increase.

In 2022, the Ontario Government increased the ODSP by 5%. In July 2023, they rates were increased to 6.5%

This drastic increase of the ODSP amount was done to meet up with the inflation in the country.

ODSP Changes 2021

In February 2021, the Ontario Government announced it has started working with its municipal partners to better connect people with the supports they need.

This is the next step in the province’s vision for a renewed social assistance program that was announced in fall 2020. Over the coming years, the plan is to “create an efficient, effective and streamlined social services system” that helps more people move towards employment and independence.

As part of the changes, a new digital system that aims to make the application process easier and ease the burden of caseworkers is being tested.

Also, the province will oversee the applications and payments of social assistance, while municipal partners will focus on helping people get back to work and access supports for health and housing.

However, critics believe the changes are ill-timed and would cause chaos and uncertainty for ODSP recipients.

By automating the application process and reducing the role of caseworkers, the program will be dehumanized and lead to mistaken rejections.

They also believe that reassigning ODSP clients to Ontario Works (OW) caseworkers at the municipalities will affect many ODSP beneficiaries.

This is because OW’s mandate is to get its clients back to work and off social assistance quickly – something that will be difficult for many ODSP clients.

ODSP Rate Increases 2024

Following his campaign promise to increase the ODSP rates by 5% annually, Doug Ford expressed his commitment through the 2022 budget.

Beginning in September 2022, ODSP beneficiaries will start receiving a 5% increase in their monthly payments.

In July 2023, the government increased the payment by 6.5% to reflect inflation. That’s about 12% increase from September 2022 to July 2023.

Subsequently, the ODSP rate will continue to increase subject to Ontario’s inflation rate.

Ontario Works Payment Dates for 2024

The Ontario Works Payment Dates for 2024 are below:

Benefit MonthPayment Date
January 2024December 29, 2023
February 2024January 31, 2024
March 2024February 29, 2024
April 2024March 28, 2024
May 2024April 30, 2024
June 2024May 31, 2024
July 2024June 28, 2024
August 2024July 31, 2024
September 2024August 30, 2024
October 2024September 27, 2024
November 2024October 31, 2024
December 2024November 29,, 2024

ODSP payment dates for each month falls on the last business day of that month. But Ontario Works benefits are paid out on the last business day of the previous month.

Learn more: Ontario Works Benefit and Payment Dates

At What Age Does ODSP Stop?

When an ODSP recipient turns 65, they may qualify for other government benefits. These include Old Age Security (OAS) pension, Guaranteed Income Supplement (GIS) and Guaranteed Annual Income System (GAINS).

The total amount you receive from these benefits are usually more than you can receive from ODSP.

However, you can still continue to receive ODSP even after you turn 65 if you don’t qualify for OAS.

Therefore, turning 65 does not automatically stop your ODSP income support. In addition, you won’t have to prove that you meet the ODSP disability criteria once you reach the age of 65.

ODSP FAQs on ODSP Payment Dates 2024

How much does ODSP pay per month?

The ODSP benefit amount paid per month depends on several factors such as family size (benefit unit size), age of dependents, living condition (renting or owning a house vs board and lodging), whether the partner also has a disability and so on.

What is the ODSP Rate for a single person?

The maximum amount for a single person on ODSP is $672 for basic needs and $497 for shelter for a total of $1,169. Extra ODSP amounts can be received if they live in a remote community.

How much money can a person on ODSP have in the bank?

ODSP has a limit on the amount of assets beneficiaries can own. It is $40,000 for singles, $50,000 for couples and $500 for each additional dependent.

Can you work while on ODSP?

Yes. In fact, ODSP encourages beneficiaries to look for work and provides additional support to get them started. Also, ODSP recipients that work will always be better off financially than those that don’t.

When do ODSP cheques get deposited?

ODSP cheques are mailed out a few days before the ODSP payment dates. So depending on the Canada Post delivery in your area, you could receive the cheques on time or a few days after.

What time does ODSP direct deposit get into your account?

You can expect to receive the funds shortly after midnight to early morning on the date of payment. For the coming payment date for example, you should have the ODSP direct deposits in your bank account anytime from 12.01am to say 5am in the morning. There could be exceptions and a few hours delay depending on your bank.

Other Provincial Disability and Income Assistance Programs

All the provinces have their own form of disability benefits and income assistance programs. I’ve written about some of them and you can learn more about their benefits, eligibility, application process, rates and payment dates in the links below.

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  1. How do I apply for financial support to pay my monthly rent ?
    I hive a catastrophic ABI – a car almost killed me on my bicycle.

    thank you Bill

  2. Hello, I’m an ODSP recipient. Is there a specific reason ODSP and OW payments are made once a month instead of the same total benefit amount being divided into 2 equal amounts and paid twice monthly like everyone else?
    Even with the maximum payment amount It’s extremely difficult to pay monthly bills and retain funds up to the last days of the month for food and other staples. And any small emergency spending can prove ruinous to one’s financial stability.
    It’s a proven fact that a person receiving $1200/month would be better sustained if paid $600 twice monthly rather than once per month. per month

    • Hi Jesse,
      Thanks for stopping by. I agree with you. Manitoba for example has monthly scheduled payment dates, but they also let beneficiaries receive the payments weekly, biweekly or any other time that works for them.
      That could mean extra administrative expenses from their end. But if the idea is to help those in need, then it’s probably worth it.

    • For some people it’s not a good thing to be paid twice monthly with half payments. Many people can’t save what they’d need for monthly rent and would end up in dire straits. For me, I don’t mind monthly payments. I pay my rent in full without having to wait for the second half of my money to come in and I pay my other bills all on the same day.
      I wish the government would realize that we do need more money though. As it stands now my rent is 3/4 of my total money that I receive and I know a lot of people are in the same boat or worse.

      • I agree, housing costs in Ontario are insane and there’s not enough low income housing in the Province. It’s messed up when people have to decide between food and rent. Being in this covid pandemic does not help matters either

    • Omg I totally agree I’ve been saying this for a while now. Getting the whole amount once a month isn’t the best. I find I struggle more that way. I really wish they took this into consideration.

  3. The Odsp payments need to be increased in order to survive the cost of living and should be the priority in getting in to subsidized housing .
    Because you are only entitled to a certain amount for your rental portion of the check no matter how much your rental unit increases , the living expense portion of your check will decrease. For example I used to get approx 900 in to my bank account after my rent was paid for my living allowance for two people and because there is no cap on rent no apartments under 1175 per month to rent being a small one bedroom apartment my partner and I are only getting 700 into my bank account for living allowance for the past few months . This is not right nor is it possible to live off of such a small income for two people . Food banks are very limited also which leaves us and every one living on Odsp enough money to live each snd every month . Seems like cost of living including the cost of renting any apartment continues to increase our paycheck continues to decrease which is making it impossible to survive for a month on Odsp .

  4. I think it is criminal that Doug Ford can pander to everybody else during this pandemic but hasn’t increased ODSP rates in 3 years. The Government is lying about 2% inflation. It feels more like 10% or more. Grocery stores do not raise prices 2%. They raise them a minimum of 10 percent or cut the product size down. Living has easily increased by 25% in the last 3 years and recipients are still getting no increases? How do you even find an apartment for your maximum allowable? Most apartments are 2,000 a month now. I think disabled people in Canada are treated shamefully. How is this a compassionate country it has the reputation for? What happened to basic decency? The truth is ODSP recipients are the sacrifical lambs. The crooks in Government cannot give them the accurate rate of inflation or their lying numbers on inflation would be exposed. Again, it is true in the Bible what God says of our leaders. “They will instead feed themselves.” I guess beggars can’t be choosers but shame on Canada for trying to pass itself off as benevolent and caring because it isn’t.

    • As an odsp RECIPIENT and I worked all my life till cancer , then I developed severe stomach issues and life for me is existing.. I have no self worth , your robbed of that , my teeth I know need a partial etc , dont know how and dont feel worthy to live. I wanna work , so bad , part time is all i can do right now till my health is back .. I need help with dr too , mine doesnt care, I cannot eat solid food , believe me I’d give anything to not be on odsp and work again and feel good about myself again ….

      • ODSP will help with dental maybe not the full partial but if u get into see a dentist they can issue u a script for it and u can submit it to your case worker. Also change doctors. You should be getting a special diet depending on your stomach issues and cancer as a recipient of ODSP your entitled to a special diet and travel costs to and from doctors along with other medical mobility devices or items such as partials depending on why… ( ODSP recipient -special diet costs – living expense-basic living – special necessity costs- ( each one being Separate) ) u can get information on each item your looking for like special diet costs or special necessity costs and what is covered and what isn’t also the ADP program!

        • $200 for the glasses every 2 years/or more!!!/…not even remotely close for decent eyewear.
          Diet supplementation is yet another joke…please read the list who is eligible…YET ANOTHER ODSP JOKE.

          ONTARIO GOVERNMENT…if you want to help people on disability HELP THEM PROPERLY or just let them to die because what you are doing IT IS,NOT HELP…it is just a political game of yours at the expense of very sick ONTARIANS…but what do you care?! You don’t.You get your fat /well over $100 000/ salaries and ppl on ODSP are of no concern to you….just like people in NURSING HOMES when COVID hit and killed thousands of people that you abandoned .

          The whole ODSP PROGRAM like the other social.progrsns are SCAM and you know it.

  5. On my spouse and I love on 680 after rent and not paid bills yet … I have internet and 2 cellphones for us which are cheap mo they rates… rest is what I need , laundry and food, impossible damn near , I wanna work I posted above comment

  6. HI there, I have lived in the same place for over 15 years. and 3 years ago a man bought the house apt building , and up keep is horrible and no repairs. I used to love it here but now just want out. The problem is I don’t get enough to live anywhere else. my check wouldn’t even cover rent. what am i suppose to do. and I don’t understand why we got no assistance with covid. Don’t get me wrong , i am thankful that i live in a Country that has this for us disabled people but there i not were to live and to get out of a horrible place. some one told me that we may ger something due to covid to help us out like they did for everyone else . is that a runor or is it sincerely ginger

    • ODSP is just enough so you won’t commit suicide/although many do/.
      No protection just few crumbs here and there.
      I.e COVID…2 x $50 and 2 x $100$ that’s all…cruelty at its finest.
      It is a shame and your life is non existent…the examples of poverty from.people living on ODSP will cause your blood to boil.
      Government of Ontario is non interested in your existence whatsoever, they just lie to the public which thinks that ODSP recipients are crooks and addicts which is very far from.the truth…THE TRUTH is the most of them have serious mental health issues and are left to their own devices.
      All government advertising regarding social.help is ONE BIG LIE and I challenge anybody who thinks otherwise.Thank you.

  7. we really need help with rental increases, I have the neighbor from hell and an abusive slumblandlord, I am trapped here because I cannot afford the rents odsp only gives 500. dollars for shelter. Also all the landlords now dont want us, no odsp, no elderly. they want working people and students, they say so in their ads, if not then they make you jump through hoops for nothing just so they cannot get in trouble for discriminating, signed abused ttapped tenant living in a daily hell.

  8. Why is it? that sum odsp clients can get free x boxes and laptops and cell phones and satelite tv and internet all paid for by odsp and families with kids more or less get the middle finger . i do not have an x box or cell phone and all my pc”s i built from dumpters of e waste parts yet other clients i know get this stuff handed to them like free candy i have heart problems and if i am out somewhere and run into problems i cant call for help! yet others who as far as i am concerned only have lazyitus and are otherwise perfectly able to work have this stuff gift wrapped to them. The canadian ODSP program is flawed in so many ways it’s sad Perhaps if workers had to live in our shoes they would would wake up and smell what they are shoveling! That is just a small sample of things i know so i will leave it at that for now. Now on to next topic of wage earnings clawback. My spouse works full time but does not drive AND WE DO HAVE A CAR! and i drive her back and forth each day 20klm one way so we are burning $400 a month in fuel but ODSP CLAWS BACK ALMOST EVERY PENNY SHE MAKES OFF MY CHEQUE, SO HOW ARE WE AHEAD? AND THERES THE UPKEEP OF SAID CAR ….THEY DO NOT FIX THEMSELVES! ODSP NEEDS TO GIVE CLIENTS THERE FULL BENEFITS AND LET THEM KEEP IT SO FAMILIES CAN ESTABLISH SUM SORT OF DIGNITY IN OUR COMMUNITY.

      • The goverment is doing many wrong things and they should be helping poor people seniors with low income the lord jesus christ is watching is very upset do the right thing help poor people seniors and disabled people or you will answer to the lord jesus christ and your outcome can be not pleasent

  9. I have paid off my home while living on ODSP and am now the owner. I still must pay the insurance, property taxes, public utilities and hydro, plus food, and other necessities. What do I tell my worker?

      • Yes. Then watch as they cut you down because you have no housing payment.
        I was lucky enough to find a place to stay rent free and they tell me I get nothing because my $900 cppd payment is MORE than enough.
        F*** odsp and everyone who works for them.

    • how can u have purchased a home on disability i’m really interested in knowing how can do it without being cut off

  10. What x-boxes,what laptops,what satellite tvs…fantasy,never happend…ppl with kids get middle finger?!?!
    Again…FANTASY…the more kids you have the better off you are on any kind of social support….FACT.
    Check your facts because you just spreading rumors and fake news .

    ODSP is a joke and it is poverty beyond poverty but the examples that you provide are simply NOT TRUE.Plain and simple…Thank you.

    • Exactly! I couldn’t believe what I was reading either…lol ODSP handing out x-boxes to clients….I nearly fell on the floor laughing. Your examples were the worst I have ever read!

  11. I’M LIVING OFF $250 ….YES TWO HUNDREDS DOLLARS A MONTH FOR FEW YERAS after my direct deduction for one bedroom apartment…
    Yes I have ‘receipts’…Can anybody top.it?!?!
    No,I can’t work…sometimes I’m bedridden for days…no family, no himself support….NOBODY.
    After finally asking my ODSP worker if anybody checks people’s files…I.e MINE and ask themselves HOW AM I STILL ALIVE…the only response that I’ve got was this: Well you are paying high amount for your shelter…I pay little over $900 all inclusive for one bedroom which is a MIRACLE price in my city for such a accommodation…
    After that I just wish her GOOD DAY and ended the usless conversation.

    As soon as new provision regarding ASSISTED SUICIDE for people with mental illnesses becomes a law in ONTARIO ,I’ll be first to submit ky application…
    Yes I will …I can live if $250 $ any longer. And I’m not just saying that to make it dramatic…I’m going for it and all of you will hear about it.Thank you.

    • I was paying rent.. I was left with $180 for the month for food, bills, insurance and gas.
      Now I live in my truck.

      F*** ODSP and everyone who works there!!

  12. With the cost of food getting crazy expensive, Hydro rates are stupid crazy, and why do most low income housing, use electric heaters, which is the most expensive..winters I only use 1 heater in my place, for if I use both heaters, I can say goodbye to food for the month. We need a significant raise, not the piddly 8 dollar raise we got last time. I have a disability, and I dread when winter comes, for I know i have to put on 3-4 layers, instead of raising the electric heat up. If I did put the thermostat.at a.normal setting, I know to expect a sky high Hydro bill. Then to read the Board members of Hydro One, making millions while I am deciding what bill I will have to take from, to help cover the winter bills, or I will have to ask parent to help. Im not going to say my age, but to ask my parent to help.with a hydro bill is not only embarassing, its sad and degrading. Everyone else in this Province gets monies to help with rising cost of living. I hate being poor. And have to goto food banks. Like wtf, Im sure if those greedy fawks of politicians and hydro board members had a family on assistance, they would see that they gotta raise somehow. Politicians fight for pay raises, but its those greedy board members in ALL ontario hydro companies just keep giving themselves millions in pay raises. Doug Ford is such an idiot, like his fawk up of a brother was (r.i.p)
    We all deserve to live a decent life…I can assure you, my life on odsp is far from decent. Only people who care about that, are the people recieving assistance. We all know no one else does. Food banks started for a reason…because WE.DONT GET ENOUGH TO LIVE A LIFE THAT WE CAN BE PROUD OF. UNFAWKING REAL HOW DENSE THEY ALL ARE. Keep lining your pockets…we should look into the Pandora Papers, and just see how many Ontario bigwigs stash monies elsewhere. Whoever said money is the root of all evil, nailed it…personally, I hate money…even if i had money, id still hate it…just give us a decent raise…Im tired of relying on others like food banks…i so appreciate them, and everyone else who helps us. And shame on all the rest of you…its like the Govt uses the template Rogers uses. Oh let me mention this about Rogers and their “special” rates for those on assistance, which I only found out about this year. So I have to up my tv package to get the odsp rate…does that makes sense? I have to spend more to get a discount..Fawk Rogers, Fawk Hydro companies, and FAWK ALL POLITICIANS…live on what i get a month, and I can assure you, each and everyone one of you, will have to eventually take a number at a food bank, because your cheque doesnt jive with the cost of living in the 2020’s!
    Hey Dougie ole pal, would you give us a raise…pls and ty

  13. Why is it Politicians already making bank, for the little work they do, but yet when theres talk of a pay freeze, they get all bent out of shape and then all get together to pass whatever they need to pass to make sure they keep making bank. And lets talk about the Hydro companies in Ont., i dont dare to use both electric heaters, if I wanna eat that month. Hydro rates are crazy stupid, but yet their Board Members fight to make sure they make the millions they do, gawd forbid their pay goes down a hundred grand…i can see why low income housing has the most expensive way of heating a place. To keep us down. If they had family members on assistance, would they keep charging as much as they do, and see that family member struggle every winter. So fawking tired of being poor, and having to rely on others for help. Not going to say my age, but its degrading and embarassing to goto my parents for help with a hydro bill. At my age I shouldnt have to do that..no one should. But hydro doesnt give a fawk..They are like Rogers. Rogers says they have a “special rate” for those on assistance..which I only found out this year, gawd forbid someone at Rogers mentions it. But when I called about it, because their rates are crazy stupid too. But get this, I have to up my TV package in order to get that special rate…I have to spend more money to get a discount…As the Fonz used to say….SIT ON IT!
    Hey Dougie ole pal, how bout sitting down and writing a bill to give a decent raise…instead of the piddly 12 dollar raise I got last time..wtf 12 dollars..dont break the province now…
    I so dislike all politicians, ontario hydro companies and their Board members…fawk you all…and have a Good Christmas season and happy new year…unless you give us a raise, nothing will be good for us, or Happy

  14. I feel very badly for those on ODSP who are stuck–indeed you are not compensated enough to live.
    I am a land lord who has an ODSP client–she absolutely abuses what she has–she has lived there for over four years–rent has never been raised–heat and all utilities included in three bedroom with garage attached–it is gas heat and the house is very well winterized. We have had to give her notice as my husband has had to go on hemo dialysis–he is now disabled–now 75 years old-we now need the unit in the city so he can do home dialysis. Ever since the tenant was given notice–almost two years ago–this tenant turned up to heat so high it was 102 F in the downstairs unit–she controlled the heat–meantime she has windows open in her upper unit—the last few months she has used over 2500 kw of electricity–the water bill is sky high–She is the only occupant in the three bedroom house. Runs a portable air conditioner in the summer with windows open again—JUST TRYING TO RUN UP UTILITIES TO BE MEAN. It is really sad that people are like this—.

    • Assholes like that ruin it for people like me (brain tumor, epilepsy, partial paralysis and DRESS syndrome) and so many others that are penalized so that drug addicts and all other forms of DIRT BAGS can have their needs met , SHAMEFUL!!!

  15. Problem could be that they want people to go to work if they are able–VERY HARD on those who are willing but unable–disabled permanently.
    Wish those who really could work would–we know that there are so many on all kinds of assistance that could be employed.
    You may be better off to try to get Covid relief.

  16. During height of vivid restrictions, January 2021, I was shuffled between several ODSP workers ending up with ,I believe, the most negligent one Ontario has to offer. After living in same apartment for near 6 years with no financial or lease changes, this worker took upon herself, to pay $75 less direct rent to my landlord from January to April, then ABSOLUTELY NOTHING, FROM APRIL TO FEBRUARY 9,2022….MY DATE OF EVICTION!!!! She claims I didn’t provide proof of address so direct payment was ceased although I still received my basic needs ,,,IN MY POST BOX WHICH REQUIRES PROOF OF ADRESS IN ORDER TO RECEIVE ANY MAIL SENT TO ME AT A RURAL, YET FEDERAL POST OFFICE! I even sent this woman proof of said post box in my name which ,in order to obtain box, one requires proof of address in first place! She continued to send stubs but no letter stating rent was no longer being directed to my landlord. As landlord lived in Toronto, and I resided in Mattawa,On. and he was owner of over 100 apartments, I rarely saw him let alone received rent receipts,yet this ,over 6 years, was no issue as ODSP had copy of my lease agreement,month to month lease. The apartment building in which I resided ,is soon to be condemned, therefore rent was not released and he received approval for eviction. Although I attempted too communicate with this worker for several months, no action was taken until February 6 which was too late for reprieve and now am homeless in Northern Ontario in coldest part of the year!!! I have found some resolve on my own ,thanks to my kids great grandmother,who has fed me and housed me since the 9th of Feb and has filled out intent to rent, ,,this worker STILL CLAIMS SHE WILL RELEASE NOTHING TO ME IN WAY OF RENT MONEY, MOVING OR STORAGE ASSISTANCE!!!!! HOW IS THIS EVEN POSSIBLE!!! I AM 50 YEARS OLD AND THROUGH NO FAULT OF MY OWN ,AM HOMELESS BASICALLY FEEDING AND LIVING OFF AN 84 YEAR OLD LADY AND HER DIME!!!! WHAT KIND OF DISABILITY PROGRAM IS THIS GOBERNMENT RUNNING WHERE SOME DIPSHIT IDIOT WORKER LIKE THIS, CAN GET AWAY WITH THIS KIND OF BLATENT DISREGARD FOR A DISABLED RECIPIENT!!! BTW, ODSP DELIBERATED LESS THAN ONE MONTH BEFORE QUALIFYING ME TO THIS PROGRAM. I RECEIVED ONE MONTH PAYMENT OF $1080 THE DAY AFTER RECEIVING OVER $3500 FOR EMPLOYMENT INSURANCE 10 YEARS AGO!!! I HAVE NO FAMILY TO HELP AND VERY FEW FRIENDS ABLE TO EVEN ASSIST WITH MOVING A CHAIR. I AM LEFT ALONE AND WITHOUT ANY GUIDANCE,ASSISTANCE FROM ODSP WHICH CLAIMS TO HAVE HOMELESS PREVENTION AT THE TOP OF THEIR PRIORTIES!!! SAD TIME WE LIVE IN!!!!

  17. Yes hi I am on ODSP have been for close to 15 years now and last January I almost died because I was sick for almost 3 years and didn’t know it so on January 28th 2021 I felt really awful so I called my Dr and told his receptionist what I was feeling like she advised me to go to emergency I agreed I had to take a cab at my own expense and I get there they rushed me in and hooked me up to IV and poking me with all kinds of shit come to find out from the Dr in emergency he told me I don’t know how you are still with us because my sugar was at 47 and a normal person sugar is supposed to be between 5 and 10 plus I have high blood pressure and high cholesterol to go along with being diabetic and didn’t know it I called my worker while I was in the hospital and I will not lie my worker is amazing she bent over backwards to help me but needless to say I still have to buy some of my diabetic supplies that ODSP doesn’t pay for my special diet I only get and extra $83😡 I don’t know about you but a diabetic is supposed to eat healthy and get good food but with the sky rocketing prices of food and everything else how can I eat like I am supposed to and ya after my rent is paid directly to my landlord I am left with $481 to get what I have to for my diabetic supplies and all my bills I an Lucky to have $50 for groceries so I have only 1 thing to say I want to see Doug Ford and any other asshole politicians try to live off of what we get a month for 6 months and let them see what it’s like to live off of the embarrassing amount of money we get!!!! I want Doug Ford and all the politicians to seriously living off what we get a month but you will never see that happen because nobody cares about us notice how everyone in Canada got help except for people on ODSP and OW we got nothing a slap on the wrist with a hole $100 extra dollars for 3 months for covid and we couldn’t apply for CERB I don’t know what to do anymore cause my building was sold and the new landlord is a joke he wants to raise my rent from $825 to a $1000 and my fridge broke 3 weeks ago and I called him and you won’t believe what he said because I am only paying $825 he is not going to replace my fridge unless I agree to him raising my rent ro a $1000 so I lost whatever food I did have and no money to replace what I had I am afraid of ending up homeless like if Doug Ford wants us dead then just do it already because the torcher and stress we go through everyday is going to kill us anyway we need someone in charge that doesn’t care about just the working class and elderly but someone who cares about every single Canadian equally😪😪😡😡


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