Rakuten Referral Code Bonus 2024: $30 Sign Up Bonus & Referral

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Want to start earning extra money as cashback on your everyday purchases? This post on Rakuten Referral program is for you.

When you sign up on Rakuten Canada or Rakuten US with the referral link, you get up to $30 welcome bonus (depending on the ongoing promotion), deposited into your account when you make a qualifying purchase of at least $30 within 90 days of registering.

You’ll learn how to get cash for signing up for the service, making purchases and also referring your friends.

You can earn from the Rakuten Referral program in 2 different ways: when you sign-up with an existing members’ referral link and when you refer other people. We’ll cover the two in more details below:

Ready to join millions of members that are already earning hundreds of dollars every year by shopping at participating stores?

Let’s begin…

Rakuten Referral Bonus: Up to $30

As a way of saying thank you for joining the Rakuten cash-back program, you’ll receive a welcome bonus of up to $30 when you sign up with a Rakuten referral link.

Both Rakuten US and Rakuten Canada offer a welcome bonus of $30. Obviously, you’ll want to sign up with the country where you’ll be shopping.

Click on the links below to get the Rakuten sign-up bonus of your choice:

How the Rakuten Referral Bonus Works

For the welcome bonus, simply click on the referral links above to create a new account.

The bonus will be deposited into your account when you make a qualifying purchase of at least $30 within 90 days of registering.

And here’s how the referral bonus works if you want to earn by referring your friends:

  • Login to your Rakuten account
  • Click on “Refer & Earn $30” on the menu to get your unique Rakuten referral link
  • Share the link with your friends to join Rakuten
  • You’ll both receive the bonus when they spend at least $30

Note that the purchase must be made within 90 days of sign-up.

Rakuten Refer-a-friend Program: Bonus of $30

Want to earn even more money from Rakuten? Simply refer your friends!

With the Rakuten refer-a-friend program, each friend you refer to the service will get a welcome bonus of US$30 in the US and C$30 in Canada.

Similarly, you, the referrer, will get a bonus of $30 whether you are in Canada or the US.

This is a great opportunity to earn even when you’re not shopping.

About Rakuten

Rakuten (formerly Ebates) is a service that lets shoppers earn cash back on their purchases at partner stores – both online and in-store.

It connects shoppers to merchants and brands for everyday purchases and one-time, luxury items, through its portal that’s accessible online, on mobile apps or via a browser extension.

Since its launch in 1997 in U.S., Rakuten has helped over 12 million members (and another 6 million in Canada) earn more than $1 billion in cash.

Some of the big merchants on Rakuten include Walmart, Bed Bath & Beyond, BestBuy, Amazon, Dell, Verizon, AT&T TV, Nike, Sephora, Hudson’s Bay, Canadian Tire and many more.

With a growing list of merchants, over 2,500 in the U.S. and 750+ in Canada, there is a wide variety of stores to shop from and earn cash back.

Get cash back from thousands of merchants using the rakuten rederral code

Go here for my detailed Rakuten (Ebates) Review.

How Does Rakuten Works?

Getting started with Rakuten is easy and straightforward. Here are the 5 simple steps required to start earning with Rakuten:

  • Sign Up for Rakuten (Get up to $30 using the referral links below)
  • Start your shopping on Rakuten. Or install the Rakuten Button (a chrome browser extension) that automatically notifies you of cash back offers when you shop
  • Complete your purchases as usual
  • Earn cash back. The money will usually be added to your Rakuten account a few days after you made the purchase
  • Get Paid using one of the available payment options: Paypal direct deposit, Amazon e-gift card (Rakuten Canada) or cheque mailed to your address.

Cash back and bonus payments are made once every quarter: February 15, May 15, August 15 and November 15.

That’s it! Start earning cashback on your purchases.

Rakuten Alternatives: Other Cash-back Apps

As great as Rakuten is, it does not have a partnership with all merchants and brands. That means you may have to use other cash back apps sometimes or compare their offers to the ones from the other apps.

Ampli is a canadian cash-back app powered by RBC. Ampli members earn cash-back automatically once they link a debit or credit card to the app – no need to load any offers or scan receipts. Learn more about Ampli promo code and Get $5 Welcome Bonus to the button below.

Honey is a browser extension for Chrome. It helps you save money on your purchases by searching for coupon codes on over 30,000+.

To get started, simply download the extension, shop as you would normally do, and honey will handle the rest.

Swagbucks: This app lets you earn free gift cards and cash for things you already do online such as shopping, answering surveys, searching the web and so on.

There are over 1,500 retailers including Walmart, Target, Starbucks etc. They have paid their members over $530 million in cashback.

Get $5 welcome bonus with Swagbucks

Ibotta lets its members in the US earn cash back on groceries, travel, apparel and many more. It can be used via the mobile apps or by downloading the chrome extension.

Canadian residents can also check Koho ($20 bonus) and Caddle – 2 other apps that let you earn and save some money.

FAQ: Rakuten Referral Program

How does the Rakuten referral bonus work?

As the Referrer, you’ll earn up to $30 for each of your referrals after they spend $30 within 90 days of joining Rakuten. Your friends will also get up a welcome bonus: $30 in US (using a Rakuten US referral code or link) or $30 in Canada (using a Rakuten Canada referral code).

How much can you make with Rakuten Referral?

There is no limit to the number of people you can refer, therefore there is no cap on how much you can earn. Just make sure you’re not spamming people or sending unsolicited mails or messages.

Can a Rakuten referral be at the same address?

In other words, can you refer someone in the same household?

According to Rakuten’s Referral Program terms, referring someone with the same address as your own may be flagged as fraudulent.

Having the same name, email address or other identifying features could also get your account flagged.

So refer your friends or other family members that don’t live in the same house as yourself, just don’t refer your spouse, kids and so on just to get the bonus.

Will I get cashback every time my friend who used my referral code buy on Rakuten?

You only receive cashback on your own qualifying purchases, not on your friends’. That is, cashback is paid to the member making the purchase.

When my referral code for Rakuten is used will I get money back?

You don’t get a cashback when your Rakuten referral code is used by your referrals. However, you’ll receive a referral bonus of $30 when they make at least $30 in qualifying purchases.

Rakuten Referral Bonus Program


Get up to $30 Welcome Bonus when you sign up for Rakuten Canada and US. Plus make extra cash ($30) by referring your friends.

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