Epilogue Wills Coupon Code 2024: $20 Off Your Legal Wills

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Get a discount on your online Legal Will using our Epilogue Wills coupon code.

A good percentage of Canadians have no Will that will ensure that their wishes are respected when they’re gone. The reasons for this vary from people thinking they are too young to fears about estate planning.

But you’re here! So congrats on taking the step to protect your loved ones when you’re gone.

In this post, we’ll briefly cover Epilogue Wills offerings and show you how to get a $20 discount using our exclusive Epilogue Wills coupon Code: WALLETBLISS20.

About Epilogue Wills

Epilogue Wills is an online Will writing service that was founded by two estate planning lawyers. Through their platform, Canadians can create a Will and Power of attorney in as little as 20 minutes.

Creating a Will can be overwhelming and costly, but Epilogue Wills has done a great job of making the process “simple, affordable, and light on the legal jargon.”

Epilogue is currently available in 9 provinces across Canada.

These include Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, Ontario, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island and Saskatchewan, with plans to gradually expand to other provinces over time.

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Online wills that are not completed from Epilogue Wills

Epilogue Wills Services and Pricing

There are 2 product types currently: Will Only and Will + Powers of Attorney.

Will Only:

The Will only service provides everything that’s needed to create a legally binding Will. These include:

  • Your own personalized Legal Will
  • Unlimited update for free
  • Express your funeral and burial wishes
Will + Powers of Attorney:

With the second service, you’ll get all the benefits of the Will Only plan plus extra protection in the event of incapacity.

That means you can appoint someone to make decisions about your finances and healthcare if you become incapable.

Both services are available for individuals or couples. The cost of setting up your Will at Epilogue Wills is as shown in the table below:

Will OnlyWill + Power of Attorney

Both plans come with detailed signing instructions – a required step to formalize your online Will in Canada.

Individual or couples Will using Epilogue Will coupon code

Social Media Will:

Finally, you can also create a Social Media Will that tells your loved ones what to do with your social media profiles when you’re gone.

Getting started is simple and totally free on Epilogue. Simply answer a few questions and print out your document.

Epilogue Wills Coupon Code

If you’re ready to create a legal Will, you can use this Epilogue Wills coupon code (Walletbliss20) to get $20 off the regular price.

Simply enter the promo code when prompted for it or click the link below to have the Epilogue Wills discount code applied automatically at checkout.

With the coupon code, you’ll be getting a legally binding Will that can be updated anytime for just $119 (for individuals).

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Is Epilogue Wills Safe?

Epilogue uses some of the most advanced security and encryption technologies. Your data is transferred securely using “the Transport Layer Security (TLS) 1.2 protocol and encrypted using RSA/SHA-256 encryption.”

In addition, your data is stored in encrypted Canadian data centres with dedicated firewalls.

And when you pay for the plans, you can be sure that the payments are processed using the best security tools and practices.

Is Epilogue Wills Legit and Legal?

Yes, Epilogue Wills is legit, and all wills created through their platform are legally binding. As soon as you’re done with creating your Will through their platform, they’ll provide you with detailed instruction on how to print it out and make it official.

The specific rules vary from one province to another, but it generally requires you to sign the Will in the presence of 2 witnesses.

Both witnesses will then have to sign their names and date the Will in the presence of each other.

There’s some good news for BC residents though. The government has introduced a Bill that. when passed, will allow remote witnessing of Wills.

Final Thoughts: Epilogue Promo Code

Thinking about death and writing a Will is no fun. And like many Canadians, you may have been delaying.

But if you have some loved ones you would like to be taken care of when you’re gone, then don’t delay any longer.

With an online Will platform like Epilogue Wills, you can have a Legal Will that’s ready to be signed and witnessed in the next 20 minutes.

Ready to get started? Get $20 off using this Epilogue promo code: WALLETBLISS20.


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Epilogue Wills provide a simple and affordable way for Canadians to create a Will online.

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