Swagbucks Referral Code: Get 10% Referral Earnings in Apr. 2024

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Looking for a Swagbucks referral code to get its welcome bonus when you sign-up? This post is for you.

Loyalty rewards programs help you convert your spare time to extra income by taking simple tasks online. This includes taking surveys, playing games, watching videos, online shopping and so on.

In addition, many of the programs will pay you a welcome bonus when you register using a referral code/link. Swagbucks is not an exception.

The Swagbucks sign-up bonus is one of the top loyalty rewards promos that welcome you with convertible 300 SB points 10% referral bonus.

This review covers everything you need to know about the Swagbucks new users promotion and how it compares with other loyalty rewards promos out there.

Swagbucks Sign-up Code

New Swagbucks users that sign-up using a referral link receive 300 SB points- no promo code required.

The welcome bonus is awarded when you earn up to 2,500 SB points within the first 60 days of registration. 

After signing up, you will also be assigned your own unique referral code which can be shared with your friends and family members. In return, 10% of all your referrals’ lifetime earnings will be awarded to you. 

How Does Swagbucks Referral Promotion Works?

Swagbucks promotion works in two ways. First, you will be awarded convertible 300 SB points welcome bonus when you sign-up through our exclusive Swagbucks promo code or link. 

Signing up is completely free and straightforward. To get started on Swagbucks:

  • Visit the Swagbucks website
  • Provide your information including email
  • Earn SB points by performing any of the available tasks
  • Redeem your points for gift cards or cash

However, you need to earn 2,500 SB points during your initial 60 days of registration to claim the sign-up bonus. 

Get free gift cards using a Swagbucks referral code and link

Secondly, you can refer others to Swagbucks and earn extra SB points for cash through the Swagbucks referral program

Swagbucks Referral Program

When you share your referral link/code with others, you will earn 10% of the lifetime earnings of every person who sign-up through your referral link/code. 

Simply log in to your account, copy your unique code and start sharing with friends and family.

The best part is – there is no limit to many people you can refer or how much you can earn through the Swagbucks referral program.

Overview of Swagbucks

Swagbucks is an American-based online rewards site that rewards users with points (called SB points) for performing simple tasks such as shopping, watching videos, answering surveys, playing games and more. 

Like most reward sites, Swagbucks doesn’t reward you with direct cash into your bank account. Instead, you can redeem the SB points for gift cards through major retail stores or cash via PayPal. 

Swagbucks also allows you to redeem your SB points as donations to any supported charity organization.

Founded in 2008, Swagbucks is one of the world’s most popular rewards sites with more than 15 million members and it has disbursed over $680 million as at the time of writing in March 2022.

Learn more about how Swagbucks works in this Swagbucks Review

How Swagbucks works to make you extra cash

Is Swagbucks Legit?

Short answer, yes! Swagbucks has been rewarding users for performing simple tasks since its inception in 2008.

As of the time of writing this Swagbucks promo review, the platform has disbursed more than $680 million cash to its users. 

With a 4.3 out of 5-star rating on Trustpilot, you can be sure that you’re dealing with a legitimate and reputable loyalty reward program. 

How to Make Money on Swagbucks

Besides referral bonuses, Swagbucks has multiple earning opportunities discussed below: 

1. Take Surveys

Swagbucks partners with multiple companies that seek your opinion to better improve their products and services through surveys.

The surveys vary by location and individual’s profile. This means how much you earn depends on the types of survey you take, where you live etc.

2. Shop Online 

If you shop frequently online, you will save costs by earning SB points. Simply shop through Swagbucks’ 7,000+ online retail partners to earn points and access exclusive deals.

Instead of visiting your favourite online store directly, visit through Swagbucks and you will be automatically redirected to the same shop. 

Some of the Canadian stores supported on Swagbucks include: Best Buy, Canadian Tire, Home Depot, Sephora, Expedia, Carbonite, Indoor Growing Canada,, Ardene, Decathlon and more.

3. Play Games

You can earn more SB points by playing games through Swagbucks on your computer or mobile device.

Play games like Swag Jump, Swag Memory,  Solitaire Rush and Bingo Bash alone or with friends. 

Some of the games are free while others are paid but you will earn points for playing any game on Swagbucks.

4. Watch Videos 

The easiest way to earn SB points is by watching videos. All you have to do is click and watch.

The videos range from movie trailers to product stories. Each video has a different length and different earning potential. However, watching videos on Swagbucks will usually earn you more points than other tasks. 

5. Discover Offers & Deals

Discovering offers and deals is one of the easiest ways to earn points on Swagbucks. Simply click through the offers and deals of partner brands and do any of the following tasks to earn points:

  • Make a purchase
  • Discover free samples
  • Try new offers

In the end, Swagbucks will reward you with up to 4,500 points by just performing the above tasks. 

Thankfully, there is no shortage of deals and offers to explore on Swagbucks as it partners with over 7,000 brands.

6. Join Contests

Join Swagbucks contests to stand a chance of winning big prizes like laptops and game consoles. 

Some of the contests you can participate in on Swagbucks include Swago and Swagstakes.

Participating in any of these contests will help boost your Swagbucks earnings more than SB points.

7. Search the Web 

Swagbucks has a search engine that’s powered by Yahoo. It operates like Google, Bing and other search engines. 

However, the major difference between the Swagbucks search engine and other search engines is that you will get rewarded when you use the Swagbucks search engine for Internet search. 

To get started, simply make Swagbucks your default search engine on your Firefox, Chrome or Internet Explorer. 

8. Add Swagbutton to Your Extensions

Finally, Swagbutton helps you take advantage of cashback, discounts or coupons at participating online stores. 

When you add the Swagbutton to your Chrome extension, you will be notified once you visit a partner store with special offers.

In addition, you will receive a $10 cash bonus for adding the Swagbutton to your Chrome extension. However, you need to make at least a $25 purchase at a partner store within 30 days.

Swagbucks Sign Up Code Alternatives

Rakuten$30 cash bonus on Rakuten US and $30 bonus on Rakuten CanadaMake a minimum of $30 in purchases within your first 90 days of registration.
RebatesMe$45 cash bonusEarn a minimum of $10 cashback on your purchases within 365 days of registration.
Ampli$5 cash bonusSign-up with a referral link
Drop$5 cash bonusSign-up with a referral link
Survey JunkieUp to $30Use a referral link to sign-up

Swagbucks is not the only loyalty reward program with promotions. As you can see from the above table, other loyalty rewards programs offer even higher promotions than Swagbucks. 

But when narrowing your selection of the best loyalty reward program, it’s important to look beyond the promotion rate and consider what each program is best for.

While the promotion rate will help you earn more over the short term, the standard earning rates will determine your long-term earnings. 

You can learn more about the above Swagbucks alternatives before making a final decision. Below are related articles to help you make the best selection:

Verdict on Swagbucks Referral & Sign Up Code

Swagbucks offers you various ways to make extra money online from welcome bonuses, referral bonuses, online surveys, watching videos, online shopping and more.

The key to making Swagbucks work for you is choosing the activities that you enjoy doing and sticking with them.

Since Swagbucks can’t replace your full-time job, it’s important to focus most of your time on things that will build your long-term financial security.

To make the most of your spare time, read the following articles:

Swagbucks Referral Code


Swagbucks is an online rewards site that rewards users with points (called SB points) for performing simple tasks such as shopping, watching videos, answering surveys, playing games and more.

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