VirgoCX Referral Code: $20 Sign-Up Bonus + Up to $200 OTC

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Looking for a VirgoCX referral code to sign-up to the crypto platform? Look no further!

When you sign up on VirgoCX crypto with referral promo code (m0bt8Y4C), you get a welcome bonus of $20 after you verify your account and deposit at least $100 in fiat currency. Also, get $200 for each client that you refer that completes an OTC trade of $50,000 or more

VirgoCX is one of the top options for Canadians looking to buy and sell cryptocurrencies. It provides a safe and affordable platform that makes it simple to start trading crypto in Canada.

In this post, you’ll learn how you can take advantage of the VirgoCX referral program as a new user. We’ll also provide an overview of its services, how it compares to some of its peers and other crypto promotions in Canada.

VirgoCX Referral Code: $20

The VirgoCX referral program is one of the most attractive crypto welcome bonuses in Canada. Sign up with our VirgoCX referral code, m0bt8Y4C, or simply click on this referral link to get up to a cash bonus of $20.

Below are the requirements to get VirgoCX $20 sign-up referral bonus:

  • Sign up with VirgoCX referral code m0bt8Y4C or use this referral link
  • Verify your VirgoCX account and get $5
  • Deposit at least $100 in fiat currency and get $15

Unlike the other Canadian crypto platforms that require you to deposit or trade a minimum amount before you get the bonus, VirgoCX will reward you with $5 once you pass their verification process. 

This requires you to provide some personal information and documents, a standard process for all crypto exchanges. After you verify your account, you will be able to deposit fiat currency (CAD) into your account and start trading.

Once you deposit $100 or more, they will credit your account with an additional $15, giving you a total bonus of $20. You can then use this extra cash to start trading on their platform.

Sign up today and learn how to earn even more below!

VirgoCX Referral Programs

As a VirgoCX user, you can earn a commission by referring your friends to sign up and trade on their platform through one of the 2 referral programs.

VirgoCX Refer-a-friend – $20

For every friend that you refer, you will earn up to a cash bonus of $5 when your friend passes the verification stage and $15 after they deposit $100 or more.

To get started:

  • Sign-in to your VirgoCX account
  • Click on “invite” to reveal your unique VirgoCX referral code and link
  • Start sharing with friends to earn extra cash

The best part is that there is no limit to how many people you can refer; so the more people you refer, the more you earn!

How VirgoCX refer-a-friend referral works

VirgoCX OTC Referral – $200

This referral is for the VirgoCX Wealth platform that caters to clients that want to trade $50,000 or more in cryptocurrencies.

With the VirgoCX Wealth referral program, you’ll receive a one-time bonus of $200 for each client that you refer that completes an OTC trade of $30,000 or more. In addition, you’ll earn 0.1% of the trade amount each time they trade on the platform.

To get started:

  • Visit the VirgoCX website
  • Contact an account manager
  • Make the introduction
  • Your referral is set up on the OTC platform
  • Start earning

About VirgoCX

VirgoCX is a Canadian-based cryptocurrency trading platform that offers a variety of services, including crypto trading and an NFT brokerage service.

With more than 50+ digital assets available to trade on its platform, VirgoCX has one of the largest selections of cryptocurrencies in Canada.

VirgoCX was founded in 2018 with a commitment to provide a secure, affordable, and easy-to-use trading experience for all levels of cryptocurrency investors in Canada.

It is a registered Money Service Business (MSB) with FINTRAC.

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What Services Does VirgoCX Offer?

VirgoCX offers a variety of services, including:

Cryptocurrency trading:  Easily and securely trade and invest in 50+ of the most popular digital currencies on the VirgoCX retail platform. An OTC platform is also available for those looking to trade large amounts ($50,000+)

NFT brokerage service: VirgoCX was the first cryptocurrency exchange in Canada to offer an NFT brokerage service. This allows users to buy, sell, and trade NFTs on a safe and secure platform.

Foreign Exchange: VirgoCX also provides a currency exchange services that lets you convert your funds at one of the best rates available.

VirgoCX Fees

VirgoCX does not charge a trading commission for buying and selling cryptocurrencies on its platform. However, prices include a little spread that covers the exchange’s costs.

CAD deposits and withdrawals using Interac e-Transfer or wire Transfer are also free. You can also deposit or withdraw USD ($500 minimum) without any fees.

Crypto deposits for all the supported assets are also completely free. Withdrawals of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, DogeCoin, and a handful of other crypto are free, but a small fee applies for other cryptocurrencies.

Is VirgoCX Safe?

Yes, VirgoCX is a safe and secure platform to trade cryptocurrencies in Canada.

It uses industry-leading security practices, including multi-factor authentication and cold storage with Coinbase Custody for most digital assets held on the platform.

As an MSB registered with FINTRAC, VirgoCX also has a strict KYC (Know Your Customer) policy in place to ensure that all users are verified.

It is also compliant with PIPEDA (a Canadian privacy act for protection of personal information).

But your funds are covered by CDIC insurance like funds in your bank account. Also, it is best practice to transfer your crypto holding to a personal hardware wallet after buying on a crypto platform.

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VirgoCX Referral Code Alternatives

Canadians have several alternatives when it comes to trading or investing in cryptocurrencies. Like VirgoCX, all the other crypto exchanges and brokerages reward new users with cash after they meet certain conditions.

Here is how VirgoCX compares to the other top crypto platforms in Canada:

FeaturesVirgoCXWealthsimple CryptoShakepayNewton
Sign-up Bonus$20$50$5$25
Crypto supported50+40+260+
Trading Fees$0$0$0$0
USD FundingYesNoNoNo
Minimum Investment$1$1$5$1

VirgoCX vs Wealthsimple Crypto

Wealthsimple Crypto is another cryptocurrency app that makes it easy to start investing in digital assets in Canada. 

In fact, the app is available within the Wealthsimple Trade app that allows commission-free trading of stocks and ETFs.

Unfortunately, the Wealthsimple $50 sign-up bonus is no longer available.

VirgoCX vs Shakepay

Shakepay is arguably the most beginner-friendly crypto app in Canada. It only supports Bitcoin and Ethereum at the moment. But what it lacks in crypto support, it makes up for with a simple and intuitive app. 

There’s also a Shakepay Card that lets users earn bitcoin as cash back.

Get a $5 sign-up bonus when you trade a minimum of $100.

VirgoCX vs Newton

Newton has the largest selection of cryptocurrencies available to trade among the local crypto exchanges in Canada. Not only that, but it also has one of the lowest overall costs to buy crypto.

There are no trading commissions, but like VirgoCX, it also includes a tiny spread on its prices.

Get a $25 sign-up bonus when you trade a minimum of $100.

To learn how VirgoCX compares to the other crypto platforms in Canada and their bonus, check this post about the best crypto exchange bonuses in Canada.


If you’re looking for a safe and secure platform to trade cryptocurrencies in Canada, VirgoCX is a great option.

With its large selection of digital assets and commitment to providing an easy-to-use trading experience, VirgoCX is perfect for investors of all levels. Be sure to take advantage of the referral programs to earn.

So what are you waiting for? Sign up today and start trading on one of the most user-friendly exchanges in Canada!

VirgoCX Referral Code


VirgoCX, a Canadian-based cryptocurrency trading platform, referral program is one of the most attractive crypto welcome bonuses in Canada. Sign up with our VirgoCX referral code, m0bt8Y4C to get up to a cash bonus of $20

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