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This is a Stupid Simple SEO review and covers how I was able to increase my traffic by over 2,300% in 3 months.

I started this blog in July, 2020. And like many new bloggers, I basically wrote about anything that interests me.

On the surface, this may sound like a good idea – write about things you’re passionate about and hope your readers, if they ever get to your blog, will love it. But in practice, it is an awfully bad idea especially if you plan to make any money with your blog.

Don’t get me wrong. You should be genuinely interested in helping your readers. Your blog posts should answer their questions, provide valuable information, and improve their lives in some way.

But instead of writing about any topic that pops into your head, you should be focused on:

  1. Questions or information your target audience are already asking about; and
  2. The ones you have a chance of ranking for on Google

To put that in SEO terms, your focus should be on low-competition keywords or long-tail keywords.

What is the Stupid Simple SEO Course?

Stupid Simple SEO (SSSEO) is a Google SEO focused course that was developed by Mike Pearson. Mike has started and successfully ran several niche sites so he knows what he’s doing when it comes to growing a blog’s traffic with SEO.

When you enroll for the course, you’ll be joining several other seasoned and experienced bloggers that have taken the course in the past including Michelle from Making Sense of Cents.

Stupid Simple SEO Content

The course contains over 50 videos on how to setup your blog’s navigation and categories to be Google friendly, do keyword research, create content that satisfies user intent, promoting your content and blog, link building and many more.

You’ll also get access to the same templates and spreadsheets that Mike uses on his own niche sites. With the templates, generating keywords at scale is simple and stress-free.

And of course, you’ll get some bonus contents including

  • Six Figure Affiliate Marketing Formula
  • Mastering Mediavine Ads
  • Scale with Sponsored Posts
  • SEO Tools on a Budget
  • Credit Takeoff Niche Site Explosion

My Stupid Simple SEO Results

I enrolled for the course mid-November 2020 and spent the next couple of weeks going through the content. The course is very practical and involved, but depending on the hours you dedicate to it, you can be done in a week or two.

A big part of the course is keywords research. Mike takes you through the process using his current blog ( You’ll have to download a number of reports from Ahrefs to come up with your keywords.

By December, I started writing new posts using all the techniques learnt in the course and updated a few of the old posts. As you can see from the screenshot, my traffic in December was at the same level as November.

stupid simple seo review. My traffic grew 25x or more than 2,300% in 3 months

January 2021 was when my traffic started blowing up with over 4,200 pageviews. Did I just say blow up? Please humor me. But when you start getting over 100 views a day from Google alone, from just 10-20 views in total from the previous month, you kind of get excited.

Interestingly, almost all the traffic came from my new blog posts, so it was not a matter of Google just starting to rank my old posts.

February traffic more than doubled my result from January, with about 8,700 pageviews (an increase of 130%). And the pageviews increased by 97% in March too, again almost doubling the previous month’s traffic.

In total, my traffic grew 25x or over 2,300% from when I started implementing what I learnt from Stupid Simple SEO course in December 2020 to March 2021.

Of course, it helps that I was starting from a small base, but these are still traffic that I would otherwise not be getting if I’d not taken the course.

I’m writing this post mid-April and my pageviews has already surpassed March’s views. If the trend continues, I would be able to apply for Mediavine in a few months time, with almost all the traffic coming from Google.

My Honest Stupid Simple SEO Review

There are several courses out there that teaches you how to start, run and grow your blog.

And you can definitely learn about how to do keyword research and find low-competition keywords online for free.

You’ll find really great resources on the subject on YouTube. In fact, the Ahrefs channel has some beginner-friendly and informative videos on keyword research.

But you’ll quickly find out that doing keyword research is hard. And doing it at scale is even harder.

Where the Stupid Simple SEO course really shines for me is the fact that Mike has built several workbooks, spreadsheets and templates that make keyword research using Ahrefs tools simple, easy to follow and scale.

By the time you’re done, you should have enough keywords to last you for 6 months to 1 year. And once you’re done with that batch, you can simply repeat the process and get a fresh set of keywords.

Bottom line is: If you’re serious about growing your traffic from Google or diversifying your Pinterest traffic, the investment in Stupid Simple SEO course is definitely worth it.

Stupid Simple SEO Pricing

So how much does the course cost?

The SSSEO course cost $497. You can pay the fee at once or pay 4 installments of $147 each. It’s definitely not a small investment especially if you’re just starting and your blog isn’t making any money yet.

But it’s a bargain compared to some of the other SEO courses out there. If you put in the work to implement everything you learn, the course can pay for itself in a few months if you have affiliate offers on your website. In my own case, the course paid for itself in less than 2 months.

You can register for the free SEO training. It’s a one hour that covers some of the things you’ll learn in the full course including the secret of niching down, the 2 things to look for when choosing a keyword and how to improve your content to rank on Google.

There’s an additional cost to be aware of. Mike uses Ahrefs for the course, so you’ll need to get the 7-day AHREF trial for just $7. You should be able to complete the keyword research section of the course in about 7 days.

Who is Stupid Simple SEO For?

SSSEO is focused on Google SEO. So whether your blog is new or old, the course is for you if you want to rank high in google search results and drive more targeted traffic to your blog.

The course is also perfect for those that are already doing well with Pinterest traffic. If you’re driving the bulk of your traffic from Pinterest currently, you should definitely start thinking about diversifying your traffic source.

So in summary, the SSSEO course is for you if:

  1. Your blog is new and you want to start getting traffic from google; or
  2. Pinterest is your main traffic source and you want to diversify and reach more people.

Is SSSEO Worth It?

At $497, Stupid Simple SEO is a big investment. But it’s definitely worth it. The course goes beyond just teaching you how to do keyword research and come up with posts you have a chance to rank for on Google.

You’ll go away with a better understanding of how to structure your blog, its navigation and categories, how to write contents that rank on Google, promoting your blog and responding to HARO requests and so on.

Also, you’ll have access to the Facebook group where you can get answers and further help to any SEO related questions.

In conclusion, taking the Stupid Simple SEO course will save you time, grow your traffic and ultimately make your more money.


Should you enroll for the Stupid Simple SEO course? It’s not a small investment, both in terms of the money and the time.

But you can sign-up for the one-hour free SEO training to audit the course before making your decision.

Getting your posts to rank high on Google and getting targeted traffic is hard but its not impossible when you put in the work and have a guide that shows you exactly how to go about it.

The Stupid Simple SEO does just that and more.

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Stupid Simple SEO Review


Stupid Simple SEO is a practical and detailed course that covers everything you need to know about ranking on Google, driving traffic to your blog and making money from it.

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