Questrade Offer Code 2024: $50 Bonus Or $10,000 Managed Free

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Whether you’re a new investor opening your first brokerage account or a seasoned one getting a second account, this Questrade offer code is for you.

Questrade is a full digital brokerage that lets you trade and invest using a variety of account types: both registered and cash accounts.

In this post, you’ll learn how to get up to $299 in total bonus when you use the Questrade promo code/link below.

  • $50 in trade rebate or $10,000 managed free in the first year; and
  • $150 transfer fee reimbursed when you move your account to Questrade
  • $99/year Upgrade to Passiv Elite Membership for free

About Questrade

Questrade is an online, low-cost brokerage that provides Canadian investors with the tools to invest and achieve their financial goals in simple and affordable ways.

If you’re here, you probably know a little about Questrade. But here are a few other things you may not be aware of:

  • Questrade has been serving Canadians since 1999
  • More than 200,000 new accounts are opened annually so you’re in good company
  • $25 billion in assets under management
  • Ranked #1 for investor satisfaction by J.D. Power 2020 Survey

Review my full Questrade Review here.

Questrade Promo Code 2024

New Questrade clients can use the Questrade offer code/link below to get up to $200 in total bonus and transfer fee waiver.

That is, $50 in trade rebate or $10,000 managed free in the first year. And $150 transfer fee reimbursed when you move your account to Questrade.

Our Questrade offer code is WALLETBLISS. Enter it to claim $50 in trade rebate

The details of this offer and how to qualify are covered in details below.

Questrade Self-directed Offer: $50

You can get a trade rebate of $50 through this Questrade promo link (code is automatically applied) when you open a self-directed account.

With a self-directed account, you’re in complete control of your investment account.

If you want to build a do-it-yourself investment portfolio, this is for you. You get to decide on what to invest in, when to invest and many more.

To get this bonus, simply click on the link below. You’ll be presented with the available account types such as Tax-free Savings Account (TFSA), Registered Savings Plan (RSP), Margin Accounts and so on.

Select the account type you wish to open, read and agree to the terms and conditions and click the Open Now button.

The Questrade offer code will be automatically applied. The minimum investment amount to start trading at Questrade is $1,000.

Questwealth Portfolios Offer: $10,000 Managed Free

Questwealth Portfolio is Questrade’s robo-advisor offering. It is for those that want a hands-off approach to investing.

As a managed investment account, all the investing decisions will be made on your behalf for a low fee of just 0.25% for balances below $100,000.

That’s the lowest robo-advisor fees in Canada at the moment.

questwealth portfolio fees: 0.25% on balances lower than $100,000.

To get started, you’ll be required to answer a few simple questions to better understand your financial goals, risk appetite and time horizon.

Using this information, you’ll be presented with a recommended portfolio from one of their 5 portfolios with varying allocation to equities and fixed income.

You’ll get the first $10,000 managed for free in the first year through the Questrade promo code below.

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Questrade Transfer Fees Rebate: $150

Many financial institutions will charge you a transfer fee when you move your investments to other banks or brokerages. The fees usually range between $50 to $150.

Fortunately, many receiving financial institutions will offer to reimburse these fees to encourage new customers. Questrade is no exception.

Questrade offers a transfer fee rebate of up to $150 per account – no limits on the number of accounts you can move.

To get the fee rebate, simply submit a statement from your old financial institution showing the fees within 60 days. It’s that simple!

Learn more about RRSP and TFSA Transfer fees and the financial institutions that reimburse them in this post.

Passiv Subscription Rebate ($99/year)

As a Questrade user, you get to enjoy the Passiv Elite Member subscription for free – a $99/year value.

Passiv is portfolio management on autopilot. It lets you easily build your own personalized index, invest and rebalance with the just the click of a button, and seamlessly manage multiple accounts from a single dashboard.

Whether you’re managing your portfolio yourself or just want to see all your accounts in one place, Passiv will save you lots of time and effort.

You can finally say good bye to those complicated and manual rebalancing spreadsheets.

To get started, simply click on this link or the button below. Sign up for Passiv, link your Questrade account, then upgrade to the Elite membership tier for free.

Other Questrade Offers and Promotions

In addition to the offers above, here are 2 other promotions from Questrade you may find useful.

Questrade My Family Promo

This promo lets you pay lower fees when you connect your investment account with that of other family members or close friends.

By combining accounts, you can get to $100,000 sooner and be eligible for lower fees on managed accounts.

This promo also lets you avoid the quarterly inactivity fee for self-directed account, but the fees has been scrapped. So the promo isn’t useful if you only have a self-directed account.

To get started, download and complete a My Family program application form. You can find the form under Account Management when you log in.

Questrade Refer a Friend Promo

Help your friends and family get started with investing and saving for their investment goals and get rewarded for it.

Questrade will pay you $25 for each friend that signs up through your referral code with a bonus of $50 for every third one.

And it’s a win-win for both parties.

For self-directed accounts, your friends will get a bonus of $25 when they deposit the minimum investment amount of $1,000. But they can earn up to $250 in total bonus depending on the total amount they deposit within 90 days.

Deposit AmountCash Bonus

If they open a Questwealth account instead, their investment will be managed for free for the first 1 month.

Where is my Questrade referral code?

Getting started is easy. Just login to your Questrade account, go to Account Management and generate your unique Questrade referral code.

Next, start sharing with your friends to earn some cash through the Questrade referral program.

Is Questrade Safe?

Questrade is a member of Canadian Investor Protection Fund (CIPF) and it is regulated by the Investment Industry Regulatory Organization of Canada (IIROC).

That means your investments at Questrade have the same protection as the ones at the big banks. But Questrade also provides an additional protection of $10 million through private insurance.

And the protection goes beyond just your money. Your personal information and account are encrypted using some of the most secure technology available.

In the event than an unauthorized transaction happens in your account and results in a loss, Questrade will fully reimburse you.

In summary, your investments at Questrade are protected through the following:

  • CIPF coverage: $1 million for each of the 3 covered categories
  • Private Insurance: $10 million
  • Online Security Guarantee: 100% reimbursement for losses.

Who is Questrade For?

Whether you’re a newbie or an experienced investor, you’ll find that Questrade has all the tools you need to be successful.

Want an hands-off approach to investing? There’s Questwealth portfolio. What if you want to build a diversified portfolio using ETFs or asset allocation ETFs?

Questrade will let you buy them commission free with a selling price starting at $4.95 (capped at $9.95).

Seasoned investors can also trade using more advanced asset types like options, FX, CFDs, precious metals and many more.

And if you’re an active trader, Questrade is one of the best brokerages for day traders in Canada. It offers preferential and lower fees that starts at 1 cents per share and capped at $6.95 per trade.

In addition, you get access to TipRanks, a stock research tool that gives in-depth information traders can use to make educated trading decisions.

The tool is integrated directly into the Questrade trading platform to allow a seamless trading experience.

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Questrade TFSA Offer Code

If you’re opening a new TFSA account, you can use the same Questrade coupon code “WALLETBLISS” when you sign up.

The code will also work whether you’re opening an RESP or RRSP account – self-directed or managed accounts.

If you choose the managed account or robo-advisor offering, Questwealth Portfolios, then the promo code will work as a Questwealth offer code.

Questrade Vs Wealthsimple Trade

Wealthsimple Trade is the self-directed, commission-free investing app from Wealthsimple.

Buying and selling ETFs and stocks are commission-free on the app. However, its account offerings are still limited.

The only registered accounts supported for now are RRSP and TFSA. So you can’t open an RESP, spousal RRSP, RDSP and the likes.

You also can’t hold USD stocks on the app, so there’s always a currency conversion fee each time you buy or sell USD denominated stocks.

These fees can quickly add up for frequent traders.

That being said, Wealthsimple Trade is a great complement to Questrade. By opening an account with both brokerages, you’ll have everything you need to invest at low cost in Canada.

You can get up to $50 cash bonus when you sign-up or 2 free stocks through the on-going Wealthsimple Trade promotion.

Questrade Offer Code FAQs

How do I get $300 in bonus from Questrade?

To claim the Questrade offer code, simply click on this link to get $50 in trade rebate or cash bonus or enter WALLETBLISS when prompted. You can then apply for a rebate of up to $150 for any transfer fee you paid to move your account to Questrade. Finally, sign up for Passiv and upgrade to Elite ($99 value)

Who can use the Questrade promo code?

Anyone opening a new account at Questrade can use the promo code.

Will Questrade reimburse my transfer fees from my financial institution?

Yes, Questrade will cover your transfer fees up to $150 per account. Simply submit the statement of accounts from the previous brokerage showing the fees.

What accounts are eligible for the Questrade offer code?

The offer code works for any of the account types at Questrade including RESP, TFSA, RRSP, Margin Accounts, LIRA and many more. It will also work for both self-directed and managed Questwealth accounts.

What is the minimum balance to start trading on Questrade?

While you can fund your account with any amount, you won’t be able to start trading until you have a minimum of $1,000 in your account.

What is the best Questrade offer code?

At the moment, the best offer from Questrade will get you a bonus of up to $299. Using this link or offer code “WALLETBLISS”, you’ll get a cash bonus of $50, $150 transfer fees rebate and a $99 value Passiv annual subscription.

How does the Questrade RRSP transfer promotion works?

Simply open a new Questrade account, then apply to move your RRSP from another brokerage or financial institution. Questrade will cover your RRSP transfer fees up to $150, in addition to the sign-up trade rebate of $50.

How much money do I need in my Questrade account?

You need a minimum of $1,000 to start trading on Questrade self-directed account and the Questwealth Portfolios. You can make a single transfer or split it into multiple deposits.

Can I buy cryptocurrencies on Questrade

Questrade does not offer crypto trading currently. However, you can invest in cryptocurrencies on Questrade through crypto ETFs. If you want to hold crypto directly, consider one of the top crypto exchanges in Canada.

Does Questrade offer fractional shares?

Fractional shares are currently not available on Questrade. You’ll need to full a whole or full unit of a stock on its platform. To buy fractional shares in Canada, check Wealthsimple Trade.


Hope you found the Questrade offer code helpful.

If you’re a new investor, opening a new brokerage account with low commissions is a great start. Beyond that, make sure you’re investing within your risk tolerance.

Check this post for the best investing tips for beginners.

Wealthsimple Trade is another investing app that lets you buy and sell stocks and ETFs commission-free in Canada. However, the available product types and account offering are limited for now.

Nevertheless, it’s a great addition to your investment toolkit but may not be ideal as a stand-alone brokerage app especially if you want to trade U.S. stocks.

Get a $50 welcome bonus when you trade your first $150. (Or 2 free stocks through this limited time promotion).

For more posts about the available investing and personal finance tools available to Canadians, check the posts below:

Questrade Promo Code: Get $10,000 Managed Free or $50 Trade Rebate


Get $50 sign-up bonus or $10,000 managed free for the first year when you open a new Questrade account. In addition, get up to $150 per account in transfer fees reimbursed to you. Finally, you can get Passiv Elite membership for free as a Questrade user ($99/year value)

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