Nova Scotia Poverty Cheque Dates 2024: Benefit & Payment Dates

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If you’re a low-income earner in Nova Scotia, you may be eligible for the Poverty Reduction Credit from the provincial government.

In this post, you’ll learn about the program, eligibility, how much you can receive, and the poverty cheque dates or payment dates.

Nova Scotia Poverty Cheque Dates 2024

The poverty reduction credit is paid on the same date as the Nova Scotia income assistance payment dates, usually within the last three working days of the month. The poverty cheque dates for 2024 are:

Payment MonthPoverty Cheque Date
Benefit PeriodDecember 27, 2023
February 2024January 29, 2024
March 2024February 27, 2024
April 2024March 26, 2024
May 2024April 26, 2024
June 2024May 29, 2024
July 2024June 26, 2024
August 2024July 29, 2024
September 2024August 28, 2024
October 2024September 25, 2024
November 2024October 29, 2024
December 2024November 27, 2024

If you’re already set up to receive your income assistance as a direct deposit, the poverty reduction credit will also be deposited into your bank account.

For those that receive cheques, the delivery dates may vary depending on the mail service in your area. Therefore, it is recommended to enroll for direct deposit to ensure your payments are timely.

What is Poverty Reduction Credit?

The Nova Scotia Poverty Reduction Credit is a quarterly, tax-free financial assistance paid to low-income people or those living in poverty that also receive income assistance. It currently pays an annual benefit of $500 spread over 4 quarterly.

It is a unique program because it is specifically designed for those living in poverty that have NO children.

Note that only one adult per household can receive the credit. That is if you’re married or in a common-law relationship, the credit will be paid to either couple – not both.

Eligibility for PRC

There are four (4) basic criteria to satisfy the eligibility conditions for PRC.

  • No child(ren) in the previous year
  • You’re an income assistance recipient from January to December of the prior year
  • You filed your tax returns for the previous year; and
  • Your previous year’s annual adjusted income was below the set threshold.

The current income threshold used to determine the eligibility for the credit is $16,000 which is determined every June.

How do I Apply for Poverty Reduction Credit?

There are no separate applications for the Nova Scotia Poverty Reduction Credit (PRC). Income Assistance recipients that are eligible for the credit are automatically accessed and paid starting in July of each year using the prior year’s information.

If you have any questions about your eligibility, you can contact the PRC team through 1-866-424-1269.

How much is the Poverty Reduction Credit?

You can receive $125 each quarter for an annual amount of $500. The first payment is paid in July to allow some time for an assessment of the previous year’s income and circumstances.

The next 3 payments are then received in October, January and April.

Payment MonthPRC Amount

Why are people with children excluded from PRC?

Those leaving in poverty that have children would likely be receiving other benefits such as the Canada Child Benefit, Nova Scotia Child Benefit and other benefits reserved for families with children.

The Poverty reduction credit is therefore meant to provide financial assistance to those living in poverty and ineligible for other family-related benefits.

Can I work while receiving PRC?

Your income assistance benefit may be reduced if you work and earn income. However, PRC is only assessed using the previous year’s adjusted income. That means, working and earning some income will not affect your poverty cheque.

Will PRC reduce my other benefits?

No, the quarterly PRC payments do not affect your provincial and federal benefits package. Therefore, it won’t result in any claw back or reduction of your benefits.

Is the Poverty Reduction Credit taxable?

No, PRC is a non-taxable benefit. You won’t have to include it as part of your income when filing your taxes.

Check the post below to learn about the Nova Scotia income Assistance program and how to apply for it if you’re eligible.

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