Nexo Referral Code For 2024: Get a $25 Welcome Bonus

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Looking for a Nexo referral code? Your search ends here. 

When you sign up with Nexo referral code c2brdsarxh or referral link, you earn a $25 welcome promo bonus in Bitcoin after you verify your account, deposit $100 minimum and invest in any Nexo-supported asset for a minimum of 30 days.

The cryptocurrency space is very competitive with exchanges and platforms rewarding new users with handsome bonuses when they sign-up using a referral link.

Besides, getting a welcome bonus for signing up to services you would otherwise sign up for is a savvy way to make some extra cash. 

This post covers everything you need to know about the Nexo referral code, how the platform works, whether it is worth it and more.

Nexo Referral Code

The Nexo referral program offers new users a $25 bonus in Bitcoin when they open a new Nexo account using a Nexo referral code (c2brdsarxh) or link.

The requirement to qualify to get Nexo $25 sign-up referral bonus in Bitcoin are:

  • Sign up on Nexo using the referral code (c2brdsarxh) or link.
  • Verify your Nexo account identity
  • Deposit your account with a minimum of $100
  • Invest in any Nexo-supported asset for a minimum of 30 days
  • Then, receive your $25 welcome promo bonus.

In addition to earning a welcome bonus, topping up a minimum of $100 in any Nexo asset in your wallet will earn you up to 12% daily interest.

The best part is you can start earning interest on your bitcoin bonus immediately and borrow against it through the Nexo Instant Crypto Credit Lines. You can also swap your Bitcoin bonus for other cryptocurrencies through Nexo Exchange.

Want to earn even more (unlimited) $25 bonus? Read on to learn about the Nexo referral program.

Nexo Referral Program

Once you’ve signed up with Nexo, you can start promoting it to your friends to earn extra cash.

The Nexo referral program awards you and your referral $25 free bitcoin for participation. How do you participate? All you need is to share your unique Nexo referral link/code with your friends and family members. 

Both you and your referral will receive the $25 bonus when your referral tops up a minimum of $100 in any Nexo-supported asset for a minimum of 30 days. 

Once you sign-up on Nexo, you will be assigned a unique referral link/code to participate in the referral program. Below is the step-by-step process on how to participate:

  • Login to your Nexo account
  • Navigate to the “Referral” tab and copy your unique link/code
  • Share your unique link/code to friends and family members and ask them to sign-up for Nexo through it.
  • Your friends verify their identity and top up their account with at least $100

Note that all the requirements must be met within 90 days of registering to qualify for the bonus.

Once all the conditions are met, the bonus will be credited to your Nexo account and that of your friends within 24 hours.

How the nexo refer a friend promo works

Overview of Nexo

Nexo is a blockchain company based in London that provides crypto and fiat currency loans backed by crypto assets. 

The company is a one-stop-shop with different products such as crypto exchange, crypto loans, crypto interest and a cashback credit card. 

Founded in 2007, Nexo helps you unlock the power of your crypto assets beyond just trading them on an exchange.

Spread across 200+ jurisdictions, the exchange supports over 20 coins, 40+ fiat currencies, and has more than 3.5 million users. 

In addition to low-interest rates on stablecoins and crypto loans, and up to 16% daily interest on your crypto and stablecoins, Nexo also offers 2% cashback on all purchases using its Mastercard. 

How to Apply for a Nexo Crypto Loan?

Once you hold a minimum of $100 in any Nexo asset for a minimum of 30 days, you can apply for a Nexo crypto-backed loan.

The Nexo crypto loan is a credit line that is accessible through the Nexo Mastercard or any of the supported stablecoins. 

The interesting part is that you can access from $50 to $2 million Nexo crypto loan without a credit check, origination fees, and monthly repayments. 

If this sounds good to you, follow the steps below to apply for a Nexo crypto loan:

  • Create a Nexo account if you don’t have one 
  • Transfer your crypto or buy through Nexo Exchange.
  • Navigate to “Withdrawal Funds From Credit Line”.
  • Select your preferred credit line withdrawal option
  • Enter your bank account (if you are withdrawing in fiat currency)
  • Done!

That said, your Loyalty Tier determines your Nexo crypto loan interest. Nexo categorizes Loyalty Tiers based on the ratio between your tokens’ value and overall portfolio value. 

Accordingly, Nexo will place you under one of the following Loyalty Tiers.

Loyalty TierLoan InterestToken Requirements in Portfolio
Base11.9%Up to 1%
Silver10.9%1% – 5%
Platinum5.9%Above 10%
Nexo Loyalty Program Tier

How to Earn Interest on Nexo?

As mentioned previously, you can deposit crypto coins and stablecoins on your Nexo account to earn up to 16% daily interest.

  • Create a Nexo account if you don’t have one
  • Transfer your crypto or buy through Nexo Exchange. 
  • Wait for 24hours to start earning interest daily

There you have it! Nexo will pay you the daily interest directly to your savings wallet.  

How to Use a Nexo Card?

Nexo Card is a Mastercard that is accepted worldwide by over 40 million merchants. It works like other Mastercard branded cards with the exception of offering 2% cashback on all purchases. 

You can order and manage the card through the Neo Wallet App available on Google Playstore and App Store. 

The following are the key features of the Neo Card: 

  • 2% cashback on all purchases
  • No monthly and inactivity fees
  • Free additional virtual cards
  • Payments in local currencies
  • No FX fees

Is Nexo Legit and Safe?

Nexo is a legit and safe crypto exchange that employs military-grade security to protect your personal information and assets. 

Nexo uses 256-bit encryption and multi-signature cold storage wallets in order to protect and store your assets through its partnership with BitGo and Ledger Vault.

In addition, Nexo covers your digital assets with up to $375M insurance, which is rare among most crypto exchanges out there.  

By partnering with the industry’s leading security providers such as Ledger Vault, BitGo and Bakkt, you can be sure that you’re dealing with a legitimate and secured crypto exchange. 

The following are highlights of Nexo security features: 

  • Biometric identification
  • 2FA authentication
  • Address whitelisting
  • Platform and data security
  • Accredited information security management systems
  • Secure Socket Layer (SSL) (for data protection and confidentiality)
  • Withdrawal confirmations and log-in alerts

Nexo vs Celsius: Which is Better?

Key FeatureNexoCelsius
Interest on loans 6.9% to 13.9%Starts at 0.1%
APY on assetsUp to 16% interest on crypto coins and up to 12% interest on stablecoinsUp to 17.78% interest on cryptos up to 9.32% interest on stablecoins
Available crypto assets20+40+ 
Credit cardYesComing soon
Assets insuranceYesN/A
Welcome Bonus$25 in Bitcoin$50 in Bitcoin
Learn moreVisit NexoVisit Celsius

Celsius shares many similarities with Nexo as you can see from the above table. The crypto platform was also founded in 2007 and is based in London, England. 

Both Celsius and Nexo offer instant crypto/stablecoins loans and interest on deposits. But as you can see from the above table, Celsius has better rates than Nexo.

While Nexo charges between 6.9% to 13.9% on loans, Celsius’s interest starts at 1%. While Celsius beats Nexo on crypto-assets APY, Nexo has a relatively high APY on stablecoins interest.

On the other hand, Celsius has a higher welcome bonus and referral reward of $50 compared to Nexo’s $25 bonus. 

Unlike Celsius, Nexo covers your assets with up to $375M insurance. Nexo also offers a Mastercard that rewards you with 2% cashback on all your purchases. Celsius doesn’t have a card product at the moment.  

Bottom line is – both Nexo and Celsius are solid crypto platforms. So it’s essential to go with the one that suits your needs as you can’t make a wrong choice with either of the two.

Learn more: Celsius Referral Code

FAQs on Nexo Referral Code

Does Nexo have a referral program?

Yes, Nexo has a referral program that rewards you with $25 free bitcoin when your referral tops up a minimum of $100 in any supported asset for a minimum of 30 days.
You can also earn the same $25 free bitcoin when you sign-up to Nexo using a referral link/code and make at least a $100 deposit.

Is Nexo a bank?

No, Nexo is an all-round crypto platform with banking solutions including interest on deposits, crypto-backed loans, a cashback Mastercard, and insurance. 

Is Nexo a good wallet?

Nexo is a good wallet compared to other crypto wallets out there. This is because it offers high-yield interest on your wallet coins and gives you access to low-interest crypto-backed loans. 

How often is Nexo interest paid?

Nexo calculates and pays interest daily. You can also withdraw your interest at any time with free monthly withdrawals. 

What is the best Nexo referral code

The best Nexo promo code rewards you with $25 bonus. Use the Nexo code: c2brdsarxh or click on the referral link to take advantage of the offer.

What is better Celsius or Nexo?

You can’t make the wrong choice with either Celsius or Nexo depending on your needs. 
However, Celsius is better if you’re looking for a high referral bonus, low-interest crypto-backed loans and high-yield interest on crypto coins deposits. 
On the other hand, Nexo is better if you’re looking for an exchange with high-yield interest on stable coins deposits, a cashback credit card, and crypto assets insurance.

Verdict on Nexo Referral Code

That’s everything you need to know about the Nexo referral code. Is it the perfect option for you? That’s up to you to decide.

Hopefully, now you can determine whether Nexo is perfect for you or its alternative. 

If you’re ready to sign up, use this Nexo referral link to get a $25 bonus and earn more by sharing your own link with friends.

If you need more help in finding the perfect crypto exchange for you, please leave a comment below. 

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Nexo Referral Code


Nexo is a blockchain company based in London that provides crypto and fiat currency loans backed by crypto assets

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