21 Best Ways to Make Money Fast in Canada 2024: Extra $1,000 Per Month

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Are you wondering how to make money fast in Canada? Perhaps you ran out of basic amenities and don’t have enough cash to purchase new ones before your payday. 

Whatever the reason may be, there’s nothing wrong in trying to make a few extra bucks if you’re desperate. 

Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to make money fast in Canada. Read on to learn some interesting ways to make money fast in Canada and begin living a fulfilling life without the burden of debt or poverty.

21 Ways to Make Money Fast in Canada

In Canada, there are different ways you can make money fast, but it often depends on your skillset, available resources, passion, and location.

Usually, the best way to make money fast is to exchange what you already have for cash. This could be an existing skill or resources (time, extra space in your house, old unused items etc).

Here are some profitable ways to make money fast in Canada:

1. Donate Blood

  • The amount you can earn: Up to $65 per donation
  • How fast can you start making money: Within 2 days after donation

Did you know that there’s a large demand for blood plasma in Canada, yet only a small number of people donate blood?

You can make money fast in Canada by donating blood. You can easily donate your blood at Canadian Plasma Resources or any of the hospitals or clinics in your area.

Donate blood plasma to make easy cash fast

The best part of this job is that you can easily make more than $500 per month if you’re really committed to it. You can donate blood twice a week and earn up to $65 per donation. 

However, there are some rules that you need to follow like, you must be up to 17 years, and have a good health status.

2. Rent Out Space on Airbnb

  • The amount you can earn: Up to $200 per night
  • How fast can you start making money: Within a day 

Do you have unused space in your house or property? You can get paid for renting it out on Airbnb

It’s pretty easy to sign up, list your space and start earning extra cash fast. You can set the price per night and add photos of your space, as well as details about the location and amenities. 

If you live in an apartment building or complex, check with the landlord first before signing up for Airbnb. Many landlords will not allow tenants to sublet units for short periods like a month or two.

Alternatively, you can look for roommates and rent out your extra space using Kijiji or other local ads websites.

3. Become an Uber Driver

  • The amount you can earn: Up to $30 per hour
  • How fast can you start making money: Within a day 

If you’re looking to make some extra money quickly, then consider working for Uber. There’s no need for any special skills, and you only require a driver’s license and a car. 

As an Uber driver, You can set your hours, which is great if you’re looking to work part-time or if you just want a little bit of extra cash on the side. There are also no minimum hourly requirements.

Once you sign up and download the app, you’ll get alerts when someone wants to be picked up in your area. You can then decide whether or not to accept that job. 

If you want to earn quick money, drive during peak hours when you are most likely to get more passengers and higher rates.

4. Sell Products Online

  • The amount you can earn: varies depending on the product you sell. Can be a few hundreds to 5 figures monthly 
  • How fast can you start making money: Within a day

Selling your products online is a great way to reach a large audience and potentially make an unlimited amount of money. 

There are options for selling products online, like Amazon and eBay, that require less setup but will take a cut from your sales.

You can choose the products you want to sell, price them yourself, and then promote them through your marketing methods. Also, there is plenty of opportunity for growth if you are willing to promote your products through social media platforms.

Local classified websites like Kijiji and Facebook Marketplace are also excellent places to get local buyers in your area.

5. Become a Proofreader

  • The amount you can earn: Up to $50 per hour
  • How fast can you start making money: Within a day

One way to make money fast is to become a proofreader. With the increase in content on the web, there’s also been an increased need for proofreaders.

There are various levels of proofreading skills and experience that you can bring to the table, but it’s important to note that you don’t need any formal qualifications or training to be able to do this job. 

All you need is a keen eye for detail, a decent command of the English language, and an ability to spot mistakes quickly.

A good proofreader can earn between $30-$50 per hour. You can find proofreading jobs on websites such as Fiverr or Upwork where you’ll bid on jobs with potential clients.

To quickly improve your skills and start earning the top rates, you may consider investing in a proofreading course. You can check Udemy for some courses with great reviews.

6. Get a Writing Gig

  • The amount you can earn:  Up to $25.64 per hour.
  • How fast can you start making money: Within a day

One of my favourite ways to make money fast is through writing online. If you enjoy writing, you can use your skills to make extra money. Writing can be lucrative if you know what you’re doing. 

Businesses and individuals are always on the lookout for good writers and will pay you well for good content. There are plenty of sites where you can find writing jobs, such as Fiverr and Monster. You can sign up for those sites and post your resume.

One of the best tips for getting good writing gigs is to build a portfolio of past work samples. Once you have a few samples under your belt, it’s easier to land gigs with clients because they’ve already seen what you have to offer.

Also, you don’t have to limit yourself to online writing gigs. You can also write for local papers or magazines, or even write your own book and sell it online.

7. Sell Unused Stuffs

  • The amount you can earn: Varies
  • How fast can you start making money: Within a day

Selling unused and old items is one of the easiest ways to make money fast in Canada with no skills needed.

You may have unwanted items around the house that are taking up space. Selling them could be a quick way to declutter and earn some extra cash at the same time. 

Look at all the old items lying around your house and decide whether there are household items you can sell for quick cash.

If you think selling it is a good idea, start by listing it on an online platform like eBay, Kijiji or Facebook Marketplace. Then get in touch with potential buyers and set up a meeting.

8. Sell Homemade Food

  • The amount you can earn: Up to $15 per meal
  • How fast can you start making money: Within a day 

This is a great option for those who love cooking and won’t mind working hard to earn some cash quickly. 

There are not many start-up costs involved and you may already have everything you need to begin selling your homemade food. You can use them to prepare something delicious and sell to people in your local area. 

You can start with your family and friends, then expand to their friends who will spread the word about your cooking skills. Soon, you can even set up a website and accept orders online.

9. Sell Your Photos Online

  • The amount you can earn: Up to $100 per stock photo
  • How fast can you start making money: Within a day

If you are interested in earning fast money and can do photography, this is a perfect opportunity for you. You only need to register on websites like Shutterstock and Gettyimages, upload your photos and start selling them.

You will make money every time someone downloads one of your photos. The benefit of these platforms is that the photos will be viewed by millions of people around the world. Therefore, your chances of making money with your photography skills are higher than ever.

Etsy is another popular platform where you can sell your photos online. You can sell the digital downloads or frame the picture and ship it out to buyers across the world.

So if you are passionate about photography, don’t hesitate to sign up for free on any of the platforms and start selling your photos online.

10. Start a Home Laundry Service Business

  • The amount you can earn: Up to $15 per hour
  • How fast can you start making money: Within a day

While some of us love laundry, most people don’t. Start a home laundry service business and try to sell your services to friends, family or neighbours first.

This is a great way to make fast money because you can usually find customers for the service in all neighbourhoods.

The beauty of this is that you can set your rates based on how much time it will take for each load of laundry.  Set your hours as well depending on what works best for your schedule.

You can drop off and pick up the laundry if they live close by, or you could charge extra for deliveries.

11. Work for a Delivery Service

  • The amount you can earn: $17.50 her hour
  • How fast can you start making money: Within a day

If you don’t mind spending your days on the road and love riding or driving, then working for a delivery service might be the perfect way for you to make money fast in Canada.

In general, delivery service jobs are easy to start. You just sign-up with a delivery service company and start taking orders and delivering items.

Deliver items to make extra cash fast

You pick up goods from people and deliver them to other people instead of picking people up from one place and dropping them off at another with Uber.

There are so many delivery apps out there these days that it’s easy for anyone with a car or bike to sign up and start delivering packages or food for extra cash.

Instacart and Uber Eats are 2 popular choices in Canada if you’re interested in this type of gigs.

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12. Participate in Online Surveys

  • The amount you can earn: Up to $20 per hour
  • How fast can you start making money: Within a day

If you have time on your hands and enjoy filling out surveys then this might be an option for you. Online surveys are a great way to make money from home and with no special skills. The trick is to find the ones that pay you the most.

You can earn up to $20 per hour by sharing your opinion with companies via survey sites like Swagbucks and Survey Junkie.

These sites ask you questions about products you’ve used, what you think of them, and so on. You can earn points by completing surveys, which can be redeemed for gift cards or cash.

Even better, they’ll pay you a welcome bonus of up to $10 as a new user.

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13. Sell Advertisements on Your Car

  • The amount you can earn: Up to $300 per month
  • How fast can you start making money: Within a month

If you want to make some quick money, then consider selling advertisements on your car. Selling advertisements on your car is not one of the easiest ways to make quick money, but it can be very lucrative once you’re all set up.

All you have to do is drive around with ads on your car and you will earn money. You can do this by registering with companies like Drivertise Canada that handle all the heavy lifting and match you with advertisers.

In general, companies will pay you anywhere from $100-$300 per month depending on how many ads they put on your car and how long they put them on for. 

14. Wash and Detail Cars

  • The amount you can earn: Up to $15 per hour for car wash and an extra $15 per hour for car detailing
  • How fast can you start making money: Within a day

You can easily earn money fast in Canada by hand-washing and detailing cars. A car wash isn’t a particularly difficult job.

A good car wash could get you $15 per hour, while a more thorough detailing could add up to another $15 or more if you do it right.

Car wash and detailing are quick ways to make cash

It doesn’t cost much to start a carwash and detailing business. The only real costs are soap, water, and a few other cheap materials. You might also want to invest in some towels, as well as vacuum cleaners if you decide you want to add detailing.

You can get your initial batch of customers by placing ads on local sites like Kijiji or Facebook Marketplace. If you do a good job, you’ll get repeat sales and grow through word of mouth.

15. Sit and Walk Pets

  • The amount you can earn: Up to $25 per hour for pet sitting and $18 per hour for pet walking
  • How fast can you start making money: Within a month

Pet sitting and walking are great ways to make money fast in Canada if you love pets. You can take out a few dogs for a walk on the same route and make money while you exercise. 

Some pet owners need a reliable person that they can call on when they head out of town or have to work late.

You can earn extra cash while helping to fill this need and earn up to $25 per hour for pet sitting and $18 per hour for pet walking. In fact, you can increase your rates depending on the demand for the service in the area and the time/season.

16. Do Interior Decorating

  • The amount you can earn: $25 per hour. 
  • How fast can you start making money: Within a month

Are you good at interior decorating? If so, people may be happy to pay you to decorate their homes. You can earn up to $25 per hour decorating homes and offices. 

And with some experience, you can easily double or triple your rates and charge for the result instead of per hour.

You can advertise your expertise and services by creating an account on websites such as Houzz, where clients search for professionals and tradespeople. 

If a client likes you and your work, they will be able to contact you directly through the website to ask if you can create a design for them.

17. Sign up on TaskRabbit

  • The amount you can earn: $25 to $70 per hour
  • How fast can you start making money: Within a day

TaskRabbit is a website that connects you to people who are looking for someone to complete simple jobs for them.

There are plenty of jobs available at any given time. Tasks on this site cover a wide range of tasks including cleaning, running errands, handyman work, furniture assembly and more.

You can sign up and select the kinds of tasks you want to do. You can set your rates for each task or accept the rates that clients offer. Then, you get paid after every task is completed.

18. Become a Virtual Assistant

  • The amount you can earn: $20+ per hour 
  • How fast can you start making money: Within a week 

A virtual assistant works from home and helps various businesses complete tasks. Their work can range from data entry, customer support, and even research. 

There are tons of jobs that require a virtual assistant. If you’re good at multitasking, then becoming a virtual assistant can be a great way to make money fast while working from the comfort of your home.

You will be taking care of administrative tasks for clients. The pay is usually around $20+ per hour depending on the job and company and your skills level.

19. Online Tutor

  • The amount you can earn: Up to $60 per hour
  • How fast can you start making money: Within a day

Online tutoring is another great way to make money quickly. If you’re well-versed in a particular subject, consider becoming an online tutor.

make money fast by teaching online

Many parents need help getting their kids through school, so offer your services as a tutor after school, on weekends or even during the summer months when school is out of session.

There are lots of websites that bring students and tutors together, such as VIPKid, Course Hero and Tutor.com. While some of them specialize in an area, e.g. English as a Second Language (ESL), others cover a variety of subjects.

Check them out to see if there’s a match for you by reading the post below.

Here are 11 other ways to make money online by sharing your knowledge.

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20. Open A New Bank Account

  • The expected amount you can earn: Varies
  • How fast can you start making money: Within a day to months

If you’re looking for a more flexible way to make fast money in Canada, you can open a new bank account to get a free welcome bonus.

The following are some of the Canadian banks that offer a competitive welcome bonus for new users:

You can earn even more than the above offers depending on the bank and account you choose. 

In addition to the welcome cash bonus, you can also earn cashback, travel rewards, exclusive discounts and other benefits when you open a new bank account in Canada.

Learn about the best bank account promotions in Canada here.

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21. Use Cash Back apps

  • The expected amount you can earn: Variable
  • How fast can you start making money: Within a day

Cashback apps reward you for doing nothing other than making your everyday purchases. This is one of the best ways to earn some cash back on your purchases without compromising your needs.

You probably make very many purchases every day. So why not earn some cash to do so?

Cash back apps partners with some of the largest retailers in Country. Each time you make a purchase through the apps, you get some cash back – as high as 10% in some cases.

The following are some of the best cashback apps you should check out for:

Make Money Fast: The Pros and Cons

If you need fast cash, there are pros and cons involved. I’m going to break down both sides of the coin to help you get started.


Here are some of the pros of making money fast in Canada:

  • It helps you diversify your sources of income
  • You will have extra cash to cover some of your living expenses.
  • It can assist you in paying off your debt faster
  • You will be able to meet your urgent financial obligations
  • Save more and invest more with the extra cash you make


Below are the cons of making money fast in Canada:

  • In most cases, you won’t be able to generate much money.
  • If you are in a state of extreme desperation and do not do enough investigation, you may fall victim to fraud.
  • In some cases, you may get less money for the work and time you put in.

Make money in Canada

Things to Be Aware of To Making Money Fast in Canada

While there are multiple opportunities to make fast money in Canada, not every opportunity will yield you the desired result.

When you are looking at ways to make money fast, the following are the major factors you need to keep in mind to avoid being scammed or wasting your time.

  • Paying your way into a job
  • Get rich quick schemes
  • Multi-Level Marketing (MLM)
  • Make money fast courses
  • Promises of a guaranteed return on investment

If you see any of these, they’re usually a red flag and you should do your due diligence before committing your time and resources into it.

Make Money Fast: Final Thoughts

There are dozens of great ways to make money fast in Canada. But that doesn’t mean they are all perfect for you. 

If you pay close attention to your needs and skill sets, you should be able to pick out the perfect idea and start earning fast money from it.  

Each of the ideas we discussed here presents an opportunity to earn an extra income or even replace your full-time job. 

Hopefully, you’ve learned about the best way you can make fast money in Canada and will be able to implement it as soon as possible.

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