Benzinga Pro Promo Code — 41% Off | Apr. 2024

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Benzinga Pro is a useful tool for professional or active traders that rely on fast and real-time news to make trading decisions. Ready to sign up for the service and looking for a Benzinga Pro promo code? This post is for you!

When you sign up on Benzinga Pro with referral promo code WALLETBLISS or link, you get a 25% life-time discount bonus on any plan or use promo code WALLET35 to get a 41% one-time discount off the annual subscription.

We’ll start by showing you how to get up to 41% discount off the regular Benzinga Pro pricing, then provide a Benzinga Pro review covering an overview of some of its best features and tools.

Let’s start.

Benzinga Pro Promo Code Explained

New Benzinga Pro customers can get a 25% life-time discount using our exclusive Benzinga Pro promo code. To claim it, simply click on this referral link or the button below to be taken to their page.

The Benzinga promo code, WALLETBLISS, is automatically applied at checkout and you’ll get the discount for life.

But you can get up to a bonus of 41% using the other promo codes below and signing up for an annual plan.

How the Benzinga Pro Promo Code Works

Below is the requirement on how to get Benzinga Pro trade $25% life-time promo code bonus:

  1. Click on this referral link to the Benzinga Pro sign-up page
  2. Provide your information and choose the billing periods: monthly, quarterly or annual
  3. Enter WALLETBLISS to get the 25% life-time discount free. The promo code is auto-applied if you click the llink
  4. Provide your payment information to process your information.

Note that this is not a one-time discount. You’ll always receive the 25% discount for as long as you remain a customer.

This table summarizes the regular prices and how much you’ll pay after applying the our Benzinga Pro promo code.

Benzinga Pro PlanRegular PricesDiscounted Prices
Basic Monthly$37/month$27.75/month
Essential Monthly$197/month$147.75/month
Essential Annual$1,997/annum$1,497.75/annum
Options Mentorship Monthly$457/month$342.75/month
Options Mentorship Annually$5,484/annum$4,570/annum

Note: The Benzinga Pro has a free plan which comes with limited features.

How to Get 41% Off With Benzinga Pro Promo Code

These are the required steps to get up to 41% off the regular price of Benzinga Pro trade:

  1. Sign up for Benzinga Pro using this referral link
  2. Use the Promo Code WALLET35
  3. Choose an annual plan for an extra 34% discount
  4. Provide your personal information
  5. Provide your payment information
  6. Receive a free 69% one-time discount bonus

In total, you will be getting a one-time discount of a whopping 41% off the regular price of a monthly subscription without a promo code.

This is currently the best Benzinga Pro promo code you can get as a new user.

But if you plan on been a Benzinga customer for a while, you may be better off going with the 25% life-time discount covered earlier instead.

Benzinga Pro Limited Time Discount of 50% Off

If you sign up using this link, you can get a 50% discount on the monthly billing for the Essential Plan using this discount code “JULY50”.

You’ll only pay $106.20 for the first month instead of the regular $177 per month. The plan renews to the regular price afterwards.

The quarterly and annual plans drop to $226.20 and $842.40 respectively after the discount.

If you’ve been wondering whether Benzinga Pro is worth it or if it’ll be valuable for your trading strategy, this is a great opportunity to give it a try.

Note: The Benzinga 50% promo has expired.

Benzinga August Promotion: 35%

From now till August 31st, new users get 35% discount on any Essentials and Options Mentorship Plans using the discount code “AUGUST35“.

Simply click here to get discount – the promo code is automatically applied for you.

With this discount code, you’ll pay $115.05 per month instead of the regular $177/month on the Benzinga Pro Essential Plan.

And if you opt to pay annually, you’ll $912.60 instead of the regular $1,404 per annum.

Note: The Benzinga 35% promo has expired

Benzinga Black Friday 2024 Discount

The Benzinga Pro Black Friday promos could also save you hundreds of dollars.

During this period, you can get the deals using a Benzinga Pro Black Friday promo code:

  • 45% Off the Monthly Essential Packages/Options Mentorship. That is, $97/month instead of the standard $177.
  • 60% Off Benzinga Pro Annual prices. Pay $847/year instead of the regular $1,404 per year.

Simply click here to get the discount. Use the Black Friday discount codes BLKFRIDAYMONTHLY or BLKFRIDAYANNUAL for the monthly and annual promotions respectively.

About Benzinga Pro

Benzinga Pro is a financial news streamer and research platform from the same team behind Founded back in 2010 by Jason Raznick, Benzinga is now a source of actionable news for more than 25 million readers every month.

Through Benzinga Pro, active traders get access to fast stock market research and real-time news alerts that move the market from a single, intuitively designed platform.

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Benzinga Pro Features & Tools

Benzinga Pro is a powerful, well designed and intuitive platform for active traders. Here are a few of its best features:


The newsfeed feature is arguably the best feature of Benzinga Pro. It provides fast and reliable feed of the important news that you need to make your trading decisions.

But the default newsfeed can quickly get intimidating and distracting without some customization. Good news is: Benzinga makes it easy and straightforward to filter for only the news that fits your trading strategy.

For example, you may choose to only see market-moving news that’ll result in volatility. There are custom filters for sources, categories, and sectors.

Another cool feature is “Why Is It Moving” or WIIM that provides a one sentence description of why a stock is moving. They are short, straight to the point and a fast way to understand what’s driving a stock’s movement.


This handy Benzinga Pro tool lets you see the biggest movers in the market so that you can respond appropriately.

You can filter by trade session, period, sector, market cap and many other variables. Want to see the top gainers and losers in the last 15 minutes with a market cap below $2 billion and priced below $10? Benzinga Pro gives you the information with just a few clicks.

The data is refreshed every minute, so you get an up-to-the minute feed. And if you like, you can freeze the results while you analyze the data.


The Signals tool provides real-time alerts on price and volume related stock events. There are signals for price spikes, block trades, large and aggressive option activities, highs and lows for your selected period, opening gap and so on.

Like all the other tools, you can filter your signals by several variables including market cap, shares outstanding, average volume and more.


For all the tools, you have the option to select how you want to be notified: browser notifications, sound alerts or email notifications.

Even better, the alerts can be customized with different sounds for some of the tools. For example, the Newsfeed alerts can be set to use different sounds for different categories.

That way, you know exactly where the alert is coming from.


Keeping up with the news while you’re trading can be difficult and overwhelming sometimes. And that’s where the Squawk tool comes in.

Squawk delivers the most important stock market news to you as audio. Some of these include economic data releases, critical breaking news, wall street analysis, earnings and guidance, press conferences and many more.


Benzinga Pro’s Unusual Options Activity Signals is an add-on to the Basic and Essential Plans. As the name suggests, it provides data on large and aggressive blocks of trades that suggests a large bullish or bearish bet by other traders.

Again, the tool can be filtered however you like so you’re only getting data on stocks that meets your set criteria. Market cap, price/earnings ratio, watchlist and sector are some of the variables you can filter by.

Benzinga Pro Pricing

The Basic plan of Benzinga Pro starts at $37/month and the Essential Plan starts at $197/month but drops to an average price of just $166.42/month on the annual pricing plan.

Benzinga Pro pricing

Of course, you can get a life-time discount of 25% off the Benzinga Pro plans by using our exclusive Benzinga Pro discount code.

Benzinga Pro Pros and Cons

Here are some of the pros and cons of Benzinga Pro

Pros of Benzinga Pro

  • Easy to use and intuitive platform
  • Highly customizable newsfeed and tools
  • Provides fast and actionable newsfeed to active traders
  • Great selection of alerts and notifications that are customizable
  • Works on any device since it’s a browser application

Cons of Benzinga Pro

  • The basic version is quite limited, so you’ll probably need to upgrade to the Essential Plan to take full advantage of all the tools
  • Essential Plan is not cheap and may not be affordable for some traders
  • Requires lots of customizations to maximize its value

Who is Benzinga Pro For?

Benzinga Pro is best for professional traders that rely on real-time news as part of their trading strategies. If you don’t mind some delays or use more of technical analysis to identify trading opportunities, then you probably don’t need a stand-alone newsfeed platform.

Also, new traders may find all the tools and information provided by Benzinga Pro a little too overwhelming. Although with some effort, you can customize the platform to show only the information you want to see.

Benzinga vs Benzinga Pro

Both the free/basic Benzinga Plan and the premium service, Benzinga Pro, are from the same company.

But Benzinga Pro is built for intermediate to advanced traders or investors that need the extra features than comes with the premium service.

If you’re just starting out as a day trader or have other trading tools you use for your stock picking and analysis, you may only need the Benzinga basic plan.

Alternatives to Benzinga Pro

There are a handful of other companies providing similar services to the ones offered by Benzinga and Benzinga Pro.

Some of the best Benzinga Pro alternatives are:


TradingView is a popular charting and trading ideas screening tool for traders and investors. It currently counts more than 30 million users on its platform.

If you’re looking for a social platform to meet, interact and learn from other investors and traders, then TradingView is for you.

Pricing starts at $14.95/month for the Pro subscription and up to $59.95/month for the premium subscription.

There’s a basic plan for those that need something simpler. Also, you can get 16% off which equals to 2 months free.

TradingView is a more affordable alternative to Benzinga Pro.

Seeking Alpha Premium

Another affordable and popular Benzinga Pro alternative is Seeking Alpha Premium.

Seeking Alpha Premium is a top rated stock screener for investors or traders looking for the best stocks to buy.

But it is much more than a stock screening services.

The premium services gets you access to expert market analysis, earnings call audio and transcripts, quant ratings, author ratings and much more.

Seeking Alpha Premium costs $29.99/month or $19.99/month when you pay for a year upfront.

If you are joining new, you can take advantage of the company’s introductory offer the allows new subscribers to pay just $4.95.

Trade Ideas

Trade Ideas is one of the most advanced and costly services available to traders.

It is an AI-powered robo-advisor for traders that uses different investment algorithms to teach its users how to trade and invest profitably.

With a monthly subscription of $87-$167, Trade Ideas is more expensive than Benzinga Pro.

One of its cool features is that it connects to its user’s ETRADE account for zero commission trading.

Also, if you are a new subscriber, you will get 15% off your first monthly subscription.

Best Benzinga Pro Promo Codes

New Benzinga users have different options when it comes to getting a discount from using their service.

These include:

  • 25% life-time recurring bonus using Benzinga promo code, WALLETBLISS; or
  • The best Benzinga Pro promo code comes with a discount of up to 41% for new users.

And to get even more discount, you can sign up for an annual plan to receive up to 45% off the regular price. This is currently the best Benzinga Pro promo code available to new users.

To get this massive discount, sign up using this referral link and promo code WALLET35, and choose an annual plan.

Some FAQs: Benzinga Pro Review

How much does Benzinga Pro cost?

The basic plan costs $37/month while the Essential Plan is $197/month if you choose a monthly plan. However, you can get some discount by choosing a quarterly or annual plan. Also, you can get an additional 25 percent lifetime discount by using our exclusive Benzinga Pro referral link and promo code.

Does Benzinga Pro offer free plan or trial period?

Benzinga Pro does not have a free plan, although you can sign up for a two-week trial period. You’ll get all the tools and features and can cancel anytime. Alternatively, use this link to get 25% off.

How does the Benzinga Pro discount code work?

Simply click on this referral link to be taken to Benzinga’s sign up page. The 25% promo code is automatically added for you.

How can I get a Benzinga options coupon code?

The Benzinga Options service is available as an add-on to the Essential Plan. During sign-up, simply select the Options Activity Signal add-on and the 25% discount is applied to the total fees.

Is there a Benzinga Pro Student Discount or promo code?

Benzinga offers discounts to students from time to time – usually 10% off. However, you can get up to 41% off using this link and exclusive Benzinga Pro promo code, WALLET35.

Final Thoughts: Benzinga Pro Review

Overall, this Benzinga Pro review is positive. It is arguably the best stock market news streaming service available to traders and would make a great addition to your toolkit.

Benzinga Pro is no-doubt a valuable service for professional day traders that need fast, reliable and real-time news that allow them trade smarter.

The platform is well-built, intuitive and provides lots of customization so you can choose what information you want to see. The fees may look high but it is comparable to similar services in the market.

If you’re ready to give Benzinga Pro a try, get a 25% life-time discount using this referral link. The Benzinga Pro promo code is automatically applied for you.

Liked this Benzinga Pro review? Look around for other posts and consider subscribing to be informed of other valuable posts.

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Benzinga Pro Review


Benzinga Pro is a financial news streamer and research platform from the same team behind

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