Addy Invest Referral Code & Bonus Review 2024 – Get $25, Give $25

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Looking to sign up to addy to start investing in real estate opportunities and looking for an addy referral code? Then this post is for you!

When you sign up with this addy Invest referral code link, you get a $25 promo bonus as a new addy member (no addy referral code necessary).

It will also cover a brief overview of what addy is, how it works and whether it’s safe and legit.

Let’s begin…

Addy Referral Code Promo

It pays to refer and be referred to addy thanks to the addy refer-a-friend promotion.

As a new addy member, you will earn a welcome bonus of $25 when you use an addy referral link. No promo code or referral code needed. The person referring you also gets a bonus of $25.

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Earn $25 with the addy refer a friend promotions

Getting started is simple:

  • Login to your addy account through your phone
  • Click on the gift icon on the top right side of your screen
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  • Start sharing with your friends

It’s that simple. You’ll get $25 for each friend that sign up for addy using your referral link.

And there’s more! You also get extra perks for referral many friends.

  • 5 Referrals: $10 Starbucks Gift Card
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addy Invest Review

addy is a Vancouver-based prop-tech company that operates an online real estate investing platform that gives Canadians a simple, convenient, and quick way to invest in real estate properties across the country.

One key difference between addy and the other real estate crowdfunding platforms is that you don’t have to be an accredited investor to invest on addy.

addy lets its members invest with little money, as low as $1 and capped at $1,500 per property.

Some of the benefits of addy include:

  • Low investment amount
  • Passive investment and hands-off ownership
  • Expert co-owners and operators

As at the time of writing this addy review, the company has invested in 16 properties valued at over $300 million and spread across Alberta, British Columbia and Ontario.

A quick look at their “About” page also shows that they’re backed by experienced professionals serving in different capacities like board of directors, advisors and Real Estate Investment Committee.

How Does addy Work?

From their end, addy sources for the real estate investment opportunities and lists them on the platform with each unit worth $1.

Once you’ve signed up as an addy member, investing in your first addy property only takes a few minutes.

Simply follow the easy steps below to get started:

  • Fund your addy wallet with an amount you’ll like to invest
  • Browse through the available properties on the platform. You’ll also get an email when new investments are added
  • Review the due diligence documents including the Offering Memorandum to learn more about the properties, the general partners, risks and so on
  • Based on your review and assessment, choose one of the properties
  • Sign the documents to invest in the property

Addy relies on the Prospectus Exemptions regulations of the Securities Commission in each of the provinces it operates in.

The Prospectus Exemptions allows addy to raise funds in a quicker and less expensive way compared to using a public offering.

But they’re still required to prepare and provide prospective investors with an Offering Memorandum. You can always review the document for each property on addy.

Is addy safe?

Well, your funds are invested and managed by General Partners that are vetted by addy.  You can learn about them by reading through the Offering Memorandum for the property.

But remember that your investments are illiquid and locked in for years, usually 5-7 years. So you should only invest an amount you’re not going to need anytime soon.

Also, real estate investing, like all other investments, is not without its risk. The actual returns may differ from the projected returns shown in the due diligence documents.

Therefore, only invest a small portion of your portfolio in addy or any other crowdfunded investment especially when they’re illiquid.

Final Thoughts

Even with the projected excellent returns for all the properties on addy, the investments will not make you rich since it’s capped at $1,500 per property.

But it can quickly add up over time if you invest the maximum amount in all the offerings listed on their website.

When you’re ready to invest in your first addy property, use this addy referral link to get a welcome bonus of $25.

That brings us to the end of this addy Invest review.

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addy Invest Review


addy makes it easy and simple to start investing in real estate opportunities across Canada. Get $25 through the addy refer-a-friend promotion using this addy referral link.

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